Monday, May 17, 2010

Seriously random

When the doctor says, "surely we won't see three zebras in one week" you can be sure that your diagnosis will be less than specific.  Saturday evening my feet began to swell like crazy. That isn't entirely odd for me. However, by the time I went to bed my hands and feet were blowing up and hurting tremendously. On Sunday the swelling continued along with some seriously splotchy skin. I assumed I was having an allergic reaction and went on about my day just hoping it would go away. Well, I woke up repeatedly last night with severe tingling and pain in my hands and arms. When I officially woke up and got out of bed my knees felt like they were going to buckle. I got in the shower to find a lump on the back of my head that hurt to touch. Needless to say at this point I am convinced I am dying. I call the doctor, list my crazy symptoms, make an appointment, and seek out some sort of solace in webmd.  I get to work and just try not to lose my mind before my appointment at 3:15. Two of my students come in looking like they are really sun burned on their faces and I think nothing of it. They later tell me they have fifth's disease and they so sweetly explain what this is. I am a teacher and I have NEVER heard of this mess. So I google it. Apparently adults "catch" fifth's disease and the symptoms are very different from this childhood illness. I went to the doctor for him to tell me that he has seen two other young teachers in the past two weeks with the same symptoms. He says this is the type of question doctors answer on their boards but pretty much never see in real life and now they think they have seen it three times. So he tells me to take an obnoxious amount of ibuprofen until the swelling and pain subside. I also had blood drawn to rule out arthritis possibilities. So here I sit, laborously typing with my fat sore fingers. I just made a really long story even longer. I just can't help but find the whole thing to be super weird and I now have a new understanding of those who do have arthritis.

On a more positive note, the festivities of turning one have come to a close. The party was a huge success with the help of my wonderful friends and family. My little baby who picks up pieces of sand with her perfect pincer grasp also found it necessary to only pick off the pink icing on the massive cupcake cake. Dainty? Maybe. Not necessarily into getting dirty? More than likely. Either way, she did still get some on her as you can see.

I am so excited because I went to my fourth photography class tonight and the teacher loved my picture that is now in the header. He seems to be hard to please so I am pretty pumped. Up until tonight I have been pretty self-conscious about my picture taking abilities. Now I feel like I at least have a little more confidence. The photography field trip to the Oakland Cemetery on Sunday was supposed to help us reach some composition goals. I didn't think I had done it, but I did!  Keep in mind I left said field trip early to go watch my tennis team win city. It was such an exciting set of matches and I am so proud of them! Anyway, below are pictures to show of my randomly fabulous weekend.


Photography class pictures:

1) This would be my square foot vegetable garden! Here I am working on depth of field...

2) Next we have the cemetary....this composition rule shows something called leading lines...

3) More cemetery (framing)

4) And lastly, using the rule of thirds, my most important subject :-)

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