Saturday, May 15, 2010

$24 pig

Holy child turned one and I haven't written a post about it! I haven't changed the header yet, but that was intentional. The big party is tomorrow and I plan to go camera CRAZY. That is if I can overrun my OCD and chill out long enough to enjoy the party. I have done well so far though if I can just pat myself on the back for a sec. If I'm being honest, I have had some serious help with this one. My sister single handedly cleaned my house. Patty came over and created the cupcake cake (not a bunch of cupcakes, but a giant one). Levi made the yard look spectacular. My mom, Seth's mom, Kim, and Meg are all bringing some sort of food. All that's left to do is spend the day with the birthday girl who has no clue what any of this is for :-)

I have done a lot of writing about Lila over the past 21 months. I realize it is somewhat self-indulgent and I am 100% ok with this fact.  But when your child is a year old and you are pretty sure you just brought her home from the hospital, there is no other way to be but indulgent.  Therefore, I have decided that I now want to post about what actually makes her a one year old...the good, the bad, and the fantastic:

- She no longer believes that Carson is allowed to have toys. In fact, according to Sara she hauled off and hit Carson to be sure Carson knew this. We are working on it.
- She avoids the vegetables that she once loved. Lima beans, peas, and carrots are loves of the past. Apparently she is too cool for them now.
- She turns your face rather abruptly to either look at her or get you ready for her to play with your ear.
- She cuddles. I mean, she really cuddles. It doesn't happen as often as I would like, but it is the sweetest feeling when it does. And she will look at you to make sure you know she is doing it.
- She dances. Sara gets all the credit for this one. So if you see her dance you can then pretty much tell how Sara dances :-)
- She gets very mad when she doesn't get what she wants. Usually you can distract her, but she is a persistent little thing. Cell phones and laptops are her obsession of choice.
- She has a "lovey". This new favorite could become the one that gets carried to the mall, grandmother's houses, and everywhere in between. When I was out of town last weekend Seth went to the store Anthropologie to get my mother's day gift (bravo Sethy poo). Apparently it was love at first sight between Lila and a certain $24, stuffed, corduroy, pink pig. Yep, I said all of those things at once about one item. This would be the first toy that she has hugged. She clutches it while we read before bed. She gets a gigantic smile on her face when she sees it. I tried to find a picture of it online and it does not exist. Should I go back and buy a couple more just in case this thing lives every moment with her for the next who knows how long? Well, I honestly would if it wasn't $24!!! Seth managed to find the most expensive lovey possible.
- Little does she know she already has him wrapped around her finger. Bravo Lila.

Here's to the good, the bad, and the fantastic that comes with year two. I can't wait!


  1. Yes, you should absolutely go buy another $24 pig. We waited too long to buy Connor a second "lovey" and he can totally tell the difference between the old one and the new one and has refused the new one. So we are up a creek if we ever forget/lose his lion!! Have fun at the party and take lots of pictures :) Sorry we can't make it!

  2. I can't believe she is 1! You have done such a fabulous job with her this first year! Can't wait to see her enjoy her cake!


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