Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Silly post

It seems that Lila's "organization" of life has led her to be a little bit sneaky maybe. I came home yesterday and Sara proceeded to tell me that she spent much of the day looking for a missing sock that belongs to Carson. Carson has a habit, as most babies do, of pulling off socks.  By the time Katie got here to pick her up, the sock was still nowhere to be found.  Katie comes around 1pm every day and I get home anywhere from 3:30 - 4:30. Apparently, in the interim Sara located Carson's sock stashed in Lila's new tractor while cleaning up. Yep, I said tractor. Meg got it for her for her birthday and it comes complete with farm animals that fit like puzzle pieces in the back. Lila loves it. Was she purposely hiding the sock or just putting it where she thinks it should go?

Seth and Sara give me a hard time for my "organization" of life. BUT, Sara fessed up one day and admitted that it pisses her off that I move things, but she also almost always ends up thinking where I moved the things to was a better spot for them.

Lila has been a little testy with Carson lately so on the one hand I am inclined to think she meant to hide it. But, that would kind of be giving a one year old a lot of credit right? I mean, I am the child development major and all, but I can't be sure she's quite that capable yet. So, I am going with she just felt like the tractor was the best home for the sock. I mean, wouldn't you think so too? ;-)


  1. You'll never know! It's so cute how toddlers think a tractor is a perfectly acceptable home for a baby sock. Sweetness.

  2. And Skip laughed a me for getting a little girl a tractor. I knew she would love it!


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