Monday, April 29, 2013

New Experiences...sort of

I would guess that most parents of little ones will tell you that the best part of parenting is experiencing new things for the first time with your child. This could range from blowing the first bubble themselves to stepping onto the school bus that first day of school. Every single day holds a new experience and a new chance to see it through the eyes of your child. Of course, I could never even begin to list all of the new experiences with my kids here. But, I think some of the not so every day things are worth documenting.

Lila had a couple of firsts this weekend. When I say first, I actually mean second or third. At this age these are the first times where she may remember these things. She has definitely stayed in a hotel before. She has actually been in a wedding before. However, now she knows what a wedding really is and why you would need to stay in a hotel sometimes. Therefore, we will call them "sort of firsts".

My mom's cousin's daughter (my second cousin?) got married just outside of Montgomery, Alabama this past weekend. Lila was beyond thrilled to go for many reasons. She adores my cousin's daughter, Anna Kate, who was also going to the wedding. Plus, recently Lila has been asking to look at pictures of our wedding while telling me she wishes she could have gone to it. Staying in the hotel with just Vivi (my mom) and I was an added perk she didn't realize was going to happen. The wedding was so perfect and beautiful, and Lila really enjoyed herself. I cannot advocate enough, if you have more than one child, to do things with each individual child as much as you can. Seth got to spend a lot of the weekend with Evie just the two of them. Plus, Evie got some one on one Grammy time with his mom. Every time we do something like this I always feel like both girls get a great deal out of it.

Anyway, here are a few highlights...

1) The wedding was outside. Lila spent half the ceremony trying to stand in her chair to see "the princess". When the groomsmen came out she quietly whispered, "mommy, there are all of the princes!!!". Regardless of how much I discuss weddings with her and show her pictures, anyone dressed up is a prince or a princess. 

2) The ceremony and reception were at the same place. It was one of those old farm house type places with beautiful grounds. Every time we went in the house to go to the bathroom she wanted to walk around and look in every room. She wanted me to tell her who lived in each room and where they were so she could meet them. I tried to explain that it was just a place to have weddings now, but she wasn't having it.

3) She found it so entertaining that she got to sleep on the couch that was also a bed.

4) As you can see in the picture above, we ordered room service! This absolutely was a real first for Lila. It was done more out of necessity than a strong desire to pay $20 for cereal, fruit, muffins, and coffee. Lila wakes up READY TO EAT. She also woke up at 6:45 am. Let's just say between Vivi and I there was no rushing to get out of the hotel and go find some food. Morning people we are not.

So while all of the baby and toddler firsts are magical and amazing, the big girl "sort of firsts" are such a treat as well!


  1. I love this! I especially love Lila's imagination and how she is such a little girl. So fun!

  2. Spending the night in the "church" with you two was a bigger treat for me than for anybody else!! AND a first.


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