Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Good Challenge

Boyfriend Look

Boyfriend Look by janaburrow featuring 
Boyfriend fragrance sephora.com

Not that long ago I posted this status on Facebook:

"I need a stylist...that works for free...any takers?"

I actually had quite a few responses. Apparently everyone else has some sort of clue about how to dress themselves but me. It's cool though. I'm totally up for learning the ropes.

Here's the thing. I'm thirty-ish. I go to most stores and see what I fear my girls will want to wear someday, clothes for my mom's age that my mom shouldn't even wear, and nothing in between. I went on a brief shopping trip with one of the responders to my Facebook post and got a jolt of confidence in my attempts at looking my age while looking fashionable. It was glorious. Now if I just had the funds to run with my new found desire to be cute all the time. For now, Polyvore fits the bill. Sort of. My sister told me about Polyvore forever ago, but at the time I felt like it was overwhelming. Then I started seeing these little "sets" all over Pinterest and tried again. Low and behold it's more like a game and less like a commitment to finding the perfect outfit. Sold! I get to pretend I have the money to splurge on these sets without actually spending any money. And, I can look at a set like the one above and probably find something very similar in a store someday that I can afford. At least there's a jumping off point now. Instead of wandering aimlessly I might have a goal beyond finding a shirt I love and buying it in three different colors (don't pretend you don't do that).

Then, while cruising Bloglovin, I came across a bit of a challenge. It said, "WIN KATE WALSH'S BOYFRIEND". Don't get the wrong idea. This was obviously one of those "huh?" moments. Apparently, Boyfriend is the name of her new fragrance line. AND, she is hosting a blog challenge. I love a good challenge (please send me your pictures!). Anyway, the idea is that you create a Polyvore set or look board and include the fragrance. Kate Walsh picks ten blogs out of the entries, sends you her Boyfriend (wink, wink), and promotes your blog. Not only do I love a good challenge, I love a little free promotion of the good stuff I'm trying to do here. I figured, why not? 

I went straight to Polyvore and whipped up the cute little "boyfriend" inspired set above. Honestly, this is a tough week already so this form of retail therapy was just what I needed. Especially since I didn't spend a dime!

Now let's hold our collective breath and see if I win! 

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