Friday, April 26, 2013

Photo Op Challenge Take 3

Look at you lovelies! I stuck in a few of myself at the end here just to show I'm taking my own challenge. I promise we don't just lay around all day. That simply seems to be the easiest time to get Evie to take lots of pictures with me.  And, Lila was at the height of feeling terrible in that last one. Isn't it interesting how much they snuggle and love on you when they are miserable? Lila's pretty lovey as it is, but when she's not feeling good she just wants to be held. I love it. Especially since I am going to the lottery for the PRE-KINDERGARTEN class tomorrow. I really cannot wrap my brain around that. So, I'm going to change the subject so I don't totally freak out. 

Hey guess what??? Isn't She Lovely is Facebook live! If you click the little Facebook button to the right over there it will take you to it and then you can go like it. I mean, if you want. 

Thank you again for the pictures! Have a lovely weekend.

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