Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh Evie (one big Holla Hump Day to my DH)

I learned a lot about my littlest girl today. Truthfully, I learned a lot in general today...

1) Public offices are small versions of hell.

2) Evie really and truly hates the Ergo now. It's not the Ergo's fault. She also hates the car seat, shopping carts, and the stroller. This would be sort of manageable if it wasn't for that scream...

3) Lila is ready to go to the beach RIGHT NOW. She cried and screamed about the fact that we weren't going today for over an hour.

4) Evie has the potential to be an Olympian.

I made a terribly awful, no good, very bad choice today. I chose to physically go to the vital records office to get certified copies of my girls birth certificates instead of mailing in for them. It's pretty close to my house. I ignorantly thought I would swing by and pick them up. Let's just say that place is my own private hell. I walked around wearing the Ergo without actually wearing the baby. I sweat through my clothes in a matter of seconds. I fed my kids more in one hour than they eat in an entire day. I mouthed off to a "security guard" who then ended up helping me. Epic fail. Oh and the scream. God gave her that scream solely to teach me what it really means to be patient.

After this failure of an event we got in the car with everyone in tears. That's when it became clear that Lila was very confused. It seems she thought we were going from this hell to the beach. We have been talking about the beach for a week. I'm not sure why she thought today was the day. Nothing I said helped. I told her we could make a chart of the "sleeps" we have left until we go. I told her if we went today Daddy, Grammy, and Levi could't go because they are working. I told her we still had to pack or we would be swimming in our sweaty clothes. It didn't matter. She had reached the land of no return after holding it in during vital records hell.

Fast forward to dinner time. I am spent. The kids are finally back to normal. Seth gets home and we are eating. He suggests we go hike Stone Mountain. I love this man. Like, I really love him. It's almost 7pm (bedtime ish), we have been to hell and back, and this is the first time I have felt normal all day. He is the only person that can survey this and suggest something CRAZY like hiking Stone Mountain. He gets away with it because when he does things like that they typically turn out pretty fantastic.

Of we go. He grabs the Ergo and I chuckle. That's right honey. I chuckled. You were so cute with your optimism and good intentions.

Lila is ecstatic. This has seemingly distracted her from needing to be at the beach NOW. Evie quickly shows Seth what she's made of. Within ten minutes she's walking the mountain with us.

No really. Evie hiked half of half of the mountain. I'm not sure how else to describe it.  That may not sound like a lot, but she's 14 months old for God's sake! That same fierceness and intensity she carries with her during tough moments comes out just as much during the good times too. I knew that already, but this was the first time I've seen it in this way. She didn't want me to hold her hand or hold her at all. She got red in the face and sweaty but smiled as people giggled at her when they hiked by her. At some point Seth went ahead with Lila. I almost got the sense that Evie was trying so hard to catch up.

As I watched her determination the rest of the day melted away. It's funny how much of an emotional roller coaster this parenting gig can be.

THANK YOU Seth for dragging us to the mountain ;-)

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