Sunday, August 12, 2012


Let me start by saying we had a GREAT time.  We are so lucky to be able to go to the beach every year with our girls. It's such a treat in so many ways.

It's also beyond exhausting. Being that a week later I still feel like I'm recuperating, this is going to be a picture heavy post. My hard drive crashed just before we left and my pretty little MacBook hung out at the Apple store getting revived. We are getting reacquainted which has caused a lag in blogging. But, after this onslaught of pictures I will be back to my regularly scheduled haphazard posting.

Please note that even on a good day my children do not want their picture taken. They will never be child models no matter how gorgeous Seth and I think they are.

Here we go:

Early morning breakfast together

I have a weird obsession with photos that are just a little too up close. But this one tells it all about Evie's trip to the beach. She was not feeling great and slept horribly. But, she tried!

Again, not sure why she's supposed to love this place.

Lila loves wearing "gobbles" even if she never actually uses them in the water.

Seriously, you guys let me know when this gets fun k?

Sandy bottom!

Silly face!

Lila loved being the shell collector.

I also love pictures that show a progression...

...this is how you know Evie is out of sorts. She never just lays on the couch and stays there.

She perked up for some magnets though!

You may notice there are many more pictures of Evie. Lila especially avoids the camera while Evie takes a little longer to figure out that I am actually taking a picture!

These blue eyes my girls could you say no to them? I can, but it's hard.

The progression of a PB&J and Dorritos.

Another progression...pretty sure Levi did expect to be woken at 6am every day...

A rare mommy alone minute with a bloody Mary. Look closely and you can see Seth swinging Evie on the beach :-)

A night out for ice cream.

Chocolate mustache

Vanilla beard

Pretty sure she liked it.

As exhausting and sometimes overwhelming taking two small children to the beach can be, I look at these pictures and love the memories we made.


  1. the picture of Evie trying to fit the whole peanut butter and jelly sandwich into her mouth made my crappy Monday morning. Thank you.

  2. You took some great pictures! Looks like it was an unforgettable trip!


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