Thursday, February 23, 2012

Don't tease me with this weather

Just when you commit to getting your crap together...just when you start being productive (even if it's just that you completed one task)....just when your POA takes baby steps...God decides to make it 75 degrees in February. How on Earth was I supposed to sit in my house and be all productive?

Being a SAHM  is best summed up in this lyric from one of my new faves called Brown Bird (see song of the week tab)...."work is what you are when you're breathing in and out". Stay at home mothers spend more time with their children than they probably ever thought they would. There is no, "hey sweetie pie, I'm going to go finish the last of the Hunger Games trilogy" or "little one, can you put your sister to bed because I really need my housewives of the whatever fix". Unless the other parent comes home before 5 pm every single day, you are it my friend.

Being born and raised in Georgia, I have never really cared what season it was. I liked them all because we get a nice dose of each. It's really perfect actually. But since becoming a SAHM, the seasons that involve hours of time outside without risk of frostbite or sun poisoning have become the front runners for me. The thought "maybe we should move to Florida" actually crossed my mind today. The opportunities for outside time have to be at least doubled there right? Then I remembered that aside from the beaches, I don't much care for Florida.

Anyway, the point I think I've made is that when you can take kids outside the day is about a zillion times more fun, more relaxing, and just plain more enjoyable for everyone. So I tossed my dreams of productivity to the side and out we went!

Could it look like a more perfect day? Plus, Lila has finally decided to pose for pictures sometimes!

Just going for a spin...

When Evie went down for a nap at 4pm Lila and I went to the front yard to attack the mountain of weeds that has taken over where my vegetable garden lives. It was heavenly outside. She ran around in the front yard with no shoes on, lots of sand in her hair from the sand/water table, and chalk all over her. These moments, just me and her, seem too few and far between these days. 

I bought her gardening gloves, a small shovel and rake set, and a watering can a few weeks ago. You would have thought I had gotten her a pony. She spent over an hour pulling weeds with me and moving dirt from one square in our square foot garden to another. She was so patient with her gloves that were entirely too big. She was in love with her watering can. When she got bored she started grabbing toys from the neighbors yard and lining them up around the garden. 

I didn't even snap one picture of any of this because I was so wrapped up in my little, big girl. As I'm sure you've noticed she and I butt heads on occasion. She is stubborn, headstrong, and a little obsessive. All things I hope never go away. But it can be exhausting. I so relish in the moments when it's just me and her and it's like no one else exists. While we have given her the gift of a sister that she can forever be close to, I can't help but sometimes feel like she misses out on so many times like this. Today reminded me that no matter what the weather is like plans can wait. Cleaning can wait. Getting things in order will wait because we all know they're not going anywhere anyway. I just want to bottle up her wispy blonde hair in the wind, her little brown skirt she insisted on wearing, and her diligence in the garden because she wanted to "work" with mommy. Bless her sweet little heart.

Now that I've taken a turn down super sappy lane, I need to state that I would appreciate it if the weather could just continue on this way until summer :-) 

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