Monday, February 27, 2012


This POA business has gotten off to a fantastic start. I'm actually pretty excited about it. Honestly, the way it came together just fell into my lap via Pinterest. I read this post and my jaw hit the floor...initially that is...

If you actually clicked and read the post it should be noted that that every last item on her list has been or is on my ever growing list. I read that post and slowly started to sweat. How could it be possible? I needed the secret. I needed answers. Again, if you read the post you know that I did not get what I needed...or did I?

As it turns out, I got more than I ever thought I needed. I got to start on a journey to actually accomplish everything my little heart desired when I first posted about needing a POA. AND, Modern Parents, Messy Kids is pretty much doing all of the research for me. It's brilliant.

If you are at all interested in any of this you will need to go to the link first mentioned and read on from there. Basically, this blog is going to tackle organizing life step by step. They are keeping different personalities in mind. They are giving SO many choices (maybe too many!). Only one step has been conquered, but it was a big one. I didn't expect an overnight overhaul. Baby steps are the key to success. But I also didn't expect the process to be so clear cut. I honestly read the posts about creating a cleaning schedule and my mind started swimming. I came back and read them again. I saw all of the printables, checklists, and the cute home made charts that looked so time consuming. I tried to figure out what would work best for me and how my mind works. It wasn't until the end of one of the more recent posts that it hit me. I need easy access to something very low maintenance. Enter APPS.

The Ipad is an amazing thing. I am just breaking the surface of all it has to offer. Using Springpad on it has streamlined dinner beyond belief. And now, after much consideration, I have found the perfect cleaning schedule thanks to an app created by Motivated Moms. I paid a whopping $7.95 for it though. Of course, it was the most expensive. It seems silly. I am aware of this. But it does everything I want it to do. It tells me what to clean every day. I set up three sections of the day (before 9am, during nap, and after bedtime). Today was the first day and it worked like a charm. Plus, it factors in that random crap you never remember to do like changing batteries in smoke detectors and cleaning behind/under the fridge. Brilliant I tell you. In one day I feel like it was worth every cent.

My hopes are high and I feel very refreshed about my POA. I'm going to continue down the "organize your life" path that Modern Parents, Messy Kids is taking me down. Brilliant.

Do you know what else is brilliant? Drive through convenience stores. Do they exist anywhere other than Tucker, GA? I had never seen one in my entire life until the day I met the Milk Jug down the street. Aside from the obvious convenience store items, the Milk Jug carries the most random stuff. Today, I drove through to buy soy sauce if that tells you anything. The thing is, it is very convenience store esque. You pull up and all you see are trashy mags (and I'm not talking about People or US Weekly). The guys that own/run it pretty much don't understand a word you say. I was sure they had soy sauce but it took me almost 5 minutes to get across what it was that I wanted. This mom who doesn't love hauling two littles into a store for just a few things thinks that someone needs to take this idea to the next level. Someone needs to make this their million dollar idea and franchise it to death.

Just sayin'. Happy Monday!

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  1. Well I read the link to the other blog before continuing your blog and I almost vomited! Thank God it was just a dream. However, as I continued to read your blog I again felt nauseated! Once you get your life organized can you come help me? I feel so overwhelmed by the thought of going back to work and thinking how will I get anything done at the house b/c when I'm home all I'm going to want to do is hold, cuddle and play with Cole!


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