Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ugh, AH!

As it turns out I did not buy enough of the ruffly business for the lamp shade. Going to Joann's is kind of a nightmare and I can't find it online. SO, in the Pinterest battle Pinterest is winning.

I'm not going to let it get me down! I am determined to make use of this genius website beyond just clicking the repin button 1800+ times.

Now it's time to regroup. The lamp will get done whenever I have to go back to Joann's for more than just trim. I think I've decided that I will post the pins as I actually do them and not as I think about doing them. Maybe as my plan of action comes together my 7 P's will come together as well (proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance).

More to come. Sorry to disappoint!

While this next section should be it's own post altogether, I feel that I need to redeem myself. How do I do that to the best of my ability? I brag heavily about one or both of my children. Because, let's be honest. They are quite an accomplishment for me.

Remember how in that rambling post I mentioned taking 6 or so very boring videos of Evie just playing and staring at me? It seems that she is a miracle child and sensed somehow that I wasn't giving her the credit she so rightly deserves. Boy did she show me. Not only did she begin crawling today, but she wrote a song about it. Rock on with your bad self little girl...

I would like to take this time to mention a few of the things that put me in awe of this little rockstar every single day.

1) Her reaction/interaction with stuffed animals, dolls, and really any inanimate object with a face is beyond priceless. I wish I could describe it well enough. This is one of those things where every time it happens I am just too late to capture it on video. Someday I will get it and you will know the true magnitude of how hysterical this is. She gets this surprised look on her face almost as if to say, "well hello I didn't see you there!". She then "talks" to it with the sort of intensity that only a baby can have. You know, no pretense or fake attention to the conversation. She is truly intrigued and yet she is the only one talking. This is promptly followed by either a full on make out session or some sort of assertion of power...I haven't quite decided. She grabs the face/head and shoves it in her mouth. Conversation is over. Has me laughing out loud every time.

2) Evie's signature dance move is just that. One move. It's more of a sway if you will. It doesn't really change with the type of music either. Please note that this video involves about two seconds of the actual "dancing" and many more moments of yet another glimpse into my life. So, if you watch carefully you will catch the dance sway. The singing isn't half bad either if you want to call it that. If you also watch carefully, after you collect yourself at the sight of Lila, you will see that Evie is less than impressed with  Lila's entrance into the video. Priceless.

3) I'm slowly learning about things that I think Evie maybe got from me. Seth has quite the jolly laugh and so does Evie. But, I'm the one that laughs at everything. I would hazard to guess that some of my friends are friends with me solely because I laugh at everything they say. Since the day she began to smile it has been so easy to make her giggle and belly laugh. I ADORE this about her. Things to ignore in this video...1) Lila is in her underwear 2) I say under my breath that Lila's screaming like that is irritating 3) Evie falling over at the end.

4) Lastly, Evie's cuddly nature is what sometimes gets me through the day. She can take hold of your neck and hug you like she's afraid it may never happen again. She squeezes so tight and really holds the hug for a minute. I love hugs. But, I really appreciate a good, heartfelt hug. My baby has perfected it.

Alright, I hope that this little video filled post has warmed your heart as much as it warmed mine to write it!

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