Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Productivity? Cross your fingers

I'm still working on my POA. I've actually found a blog that is helping me do it. I'm not sure if I want to join in the bloggy fun and project by project spell it out here or do one big post later on. Details coming soon.

In the mean time, I am going to tackle Pinterest. For you seasoned pinners you know exactly what I mean. For the newbies, let me break it down.

I have 25 boards with a total of 1800 pins. That's right folks. EIGHTEEN HUNDRED. If you are new to Pinterest or haven't done it at all you are probably scratching your head. Or you're thinking, didn't Jana just babble on and on about not getting things done? Why is she on Pinterest instead of getting things done?

I won't say I disagree with your interrogating looks. I get it. That's why the POA and the Pinterest battle must begin.

The POA is going to include some life changing, home changing, mind altering WORK. The Pinterest battle will be like a break from the work while actually accomplishing something.

If I lost you after 1800 pins I don't blame you. It won't hurt my feelings if you must ignore me now. If you're still following, here's my Pinterest battle idea.

Pinterest is basically a house filled with boxes of junk that you would love to do, will never do, think it would be cool if someone would do for you, etc. etc. Pinterest is the house, the boards are the boxes, and the pins would be the junk. I have been using Springpad to sort of clean house and empty boxes. But, I don't want to get into Springpad right now (unless you are which case ask). Springpad will be a part of the POA post later.

Right now I just want the easy, fun, and accomplishable pins to come to the forefront. So what do you do when you have too many pins?  You create a board that shows the pins that fit the above criteria. I was doing Pin it Friday or something wasn't I? That didn't stick. Maybe this will. I titled this new board "To ACTUALLY DO in the next month (by 3/22)". Without entering the abyss of the gardening, cooking, or clothing boards I went through the other boards and started repinning the easy ones that I can do in the next month. As I do them I will post them here. Again, sorry for the massive amount of "holding myself accountable to get things done" kind of posts. This is more for me than for you. If you get a good idea out of it let me know.

First on the list will be this little gem for Evie's room that will be finished by the end of the day tomorrow. IT WILL HAPPEN. Stay tuned for an actual picture of my actual finished product.


  1. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. you have inspired me to creat a POA myself… maybe… or just complete some "pins".


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