Monday, October 31, 2011

hello again

Here are my excuses in no particular order:

1) I had the stomach bug that kept on giving. It was given to me by my two year old who had that after finally getting rid of the bronchitis. Oh and now she has the "sneeze in a way that ensures my snot covers everyone in the room". Carson has it too. Yea, this is the last time you will ever hear from me again.

2) My littlest holds sleeping at the very bottom of her list of priorities.

3) I was planning a baby shower for this fantastic chick...

4) Any time I plan anything at my house I get this absurd idea that I can turn this house around and make it look the way I want. Instead, Seth ends up forced into a whole bunch of awful home improvement projects that stress me out to no end.

5) I went to Georgia/Florida in St. Simons for three days and left my children with Seth's cousin Jessica (God love her). Let's just say I need a vacation from my vacation.

6) My beautiful Mac finally decided that I take too many pictures and videos and just kind of got cranky about it. We are still working on this one.

SO, to make up for my slacker ways yet again, I have the following:
She's here to save the day!
(alright, maybe she just made you smile and consider continuing to check in on my slacking blog)

And I have this...

Again, trying to kill you with cuteness.

If those two don't convince you, maybe these will. Well, at least the first one. Not sure why Seth and I find these so funny. I guess the fact that she can see herself making the video makes it priceless. 

Maybe, just maybe you will hear from me again soon...until then, I will hold out hope that you keep seeing this post and thinking, "how can I not check back?".


  1. I love when you update your blog! The last video is hilarious!!!!

  2. Pictures of the girls worked on me! I'll keep coming back for more! :)


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