Thursday, October 13, 2011


I think it takes a certain kind of female to really enjoy camping. I think it takes an even more special kind of female to want to take a toddler camping. I can toot my own horn and say I am that girl. Lucky for me, Katie is that kind of girl too. Kim and Sara also happen to be professional campers. Brandon pretty much invented it. This would be THE crew to teach two little girls about sleeping in the wilderness. And when I say wilderness I mean the big open field outside of a cabin belonging to Katie's sister-in-law's family.

Seth took one for the team and stayed home with Evie. Lila got sick last week and passed it on to Seth and eventually to Evie. By Friday everyone was sick except for me. Seth and I had a long talk about the planned camping trip and decided he and Evie would stay here and Lila and I would go. Lila was in need of some serious one on one time. She was still not feeling great, but we decided being outside would help.

A big thank you to Brandon for hanging out with all of the ladies this weekend and handling all things camping. We had THE BEST time. I loved the time with Lila. She picked ate apples, ran around chasing Moe (the Beans dog), and slept all night in a tent! I am so proud of her. She and Carson spent all day Saturday playing around our "campsite" learning about why their parents love to camp. Good times.

Here are entirely too many pictures to showcase what a good time we had. I promise I chose only the best ones...

Things got started on the tractor headed to pick apples...Lila was SO excited about the tractor that she almost had a meltdown when it was time to get off.

But then she realized there were apples to be eaten!


 We may or may not have encouraged the hand holding frolicking through the apples...

Lila has a recent love of hills. In the car she yells "hill!!!" and then says "weeeeee". So naturally, this hill needed her to run to the top the minute she saw it.

Here we are setting up camp. This lasted about a minute before Lila almost whacked Katie in the face with a tent pole.

Happy campers! (sorry, had to say it ).

YAY for camping. I hate this, but I have almost no pictures of Kim or Katie. Katie if you took some will you share?

Pile on Jana...their favorite game.

This would be our tent city. The blue ones actually attach and have tunnels!

I seriously took twenty pictures trying to get a good shot of the girls and Sara in Sara's fun hammock. This was the best one if that tells you anything.

It got better when it was just them...

I have a habit of bringing bubbles everywhere. I am so glad I did this time too! 

I call this one Carson's pre-glamour shots picture. She's really probably trying to get Lila to stop holding her hand but it came out like "check out how cute I am" instead.


I know there are more but my computer is running slow because it's overloaded with pictures and I need to go to bed. Just a quick note about the new header...

I want to mention something about the picture of Lila, Carson, and I. I randomly remembered today that I have photo booth on my Mac. This will now be my go to activity when the girls get nuts. I'm pretty sure they could have stared at themselves and taken pictures of themselves for hours. In the header picture I had just told them to quickly make a funny face :-)


  1. Oh my goodness, that picture of Carson (glamour shot) MIGHT be the cutest thing ever! As is the pile on Jana shot. You are awesome Jana. That was the best weekend! Thank you for including me!

  2. The picture of the three of y'all in the header is the funniest thing ever!!

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