Monday, August 29, 2011

So very behind...

If you still check this blog and you think I fell into some black hole somewhere you would sort of be right. It's Lila's world ya'll, and we're just living in it.

Sometimes I daydream while driving to my super glamourous second job about the vast number of things I want to blog about. Then at the end of the day all I can think about is sitting on the couch and spending my time mindlessly surfing pinterest. All I want to do is something that requires zero effort or thought. Hence, the drop in quality blogging on my part.

I wish I could tell you I'm posting now to make up for that. I am so behind on all the stuff I could post about I don't even know where to start. This frustrates me because I LOVE blogging. I love rambling on and on about my life like the whole world is reading. As I've said's free therapy.

Instead I'm going to give you one of my lame attempts at an update :-)

1) Lila:
HOLY CRAP. I love this little girl with every inch of my being. But every day it is taking every inch of my being to parent her. Ever heard of the little pig known as Olivia? She is the main character of many children's books written by Ian Falconer. Lila and Olivia are one and the same. In fact, I am seriously considering making an Olivia costume for Lila for Halloween.

Yesterday we began our initial attempt at potty training. I'm pretty sure I was smoking crack when I decided to get that ball rolling. Thank God for Seth. Today was better, but the road appears to be long ahead of us. As with anything in parenting, the options, theories, shoulds, and should nots are endless in regards to potty training. I'll let you know what my opinion is once it's all said and done.

Here are a random slew of Lila pictures that may give you a glimpse into what I experience every day... sheer joy, wonder, and chaos ;-)

These first two were recently taken within a set of two year old pictures we had done. She spent the entire session avoiding Sarah and not smiling. It took a lot of prodding to get these! And yes, she desperately needs a haircut.

Mom and Sara took Lila to Americus to see my mom's family while Evie and I went with some friends to the worlds longest yard sale. Little princess Anna Kate (my cousin's daughter) sits calmly and quietly per her usual. Princess Lila spends an exorbitant amount of time blow drying Grandma's hair.

I ADORE this picture. Sara took Lila to a local park just the two of them not long ago. I think Sara may have taken this picture on her phone. Priceless.

Lila and I are in absolute denial that Sara is leaving us for the big apple...

2) Evelyn:
Look at this face!!!

I am not exaggerating when I say that Evie is the happiest baby ever. I mean, aside from the spitting up nonsense she has to deal with, she laughs and smiles at everything. In fact, sometimes she laughs when absolutely nothing is happening. Wonder where she gets this from? We go in a week or two for her FOUR MONTH check up.

Having number two is glorious and disheartening all at once. I started thinking the other day about all of the precious moments I had with Lila in these baby days and how those moments with Evie seem too few and far between. Therefore, I am trying really hard to slow down and really envelope myself in all things baby Evie. I used to spend mornings just laying in bed with Lila staring at her. I haven't done that hardly at all with Evie. When I tried to early on she would spit up non-stop and cry. I tried again the other day and was pleasantly surprised. She still spits up but the volume is less, the crying is gone, and it's worth the perfect moments of staring and giggling.

The best moments though are when Evie is laughing at Lila. Lila has no concept of the hold she already has on her baby sister. Evie looks at her with wide eyes and laughs that beautiful belly laugh when Lila acts the fool and my heart is so very full.

It's interesting how Evie actually reminds me of Carson more as a baby. She's more physically aware and wiggly than Lila was. I rarely put her in the bumbo because it makes her spit up. She's maybe been in it a handful of times. The other day I put her in it, turned around, looked back and she was five feet to the left of where she started. She used her foot to slide the weird little seat and she just thought it was hysterical. All of that being said, Carson and Evie have the sweetest connection. Evie looks at Carson the same way she looks at Lila. For all she knows Carson is her big sister too. But Carson is beyond intrigued by Evie. Katie has made it clear to Carson that Carson should not touch Evie's face and head. So Carson will randomly sit and hold Evie's feet and just stare at her. Freaking adorable.

3) Jana and Seth
I am more than lucky to have the best possible partner to share parenthood with. We talk about poop like we used to talk about movies or books. Then we laugh at how much our lives have changed. We gush over the fantastic show Suits and how much we love it. Do we love it because it's that good or because it's the only show we really actually watch? We laugh about Lila and share stories of her perfect little antics when one of us isn't here. I get up to feed Evie and he gets up to get Lila back in the bed. It may be that he ends up in her tiny twin bed with her so I can get some sleep. When Lila sleeps with us she insists on being centimeters from my face. To top all of this off, Seth has decided to train for a marathon. Originally we were both going to do a half marathon together but it's just not feasible. I am not getting enough sleep yet (would probably help if I went to bed earlier :-). So for now I will stand behind him and help him fundraise (hint, hint).

Alright kids...that's where we're at today. I miss you. I hope you miss me. I'm getting there I promise.

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  1. I've definitely missed your updates! I'm so glad you are back! :)


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