Monday, September 12, 2011

photo stream

My POS Droid has to be on it's way out. The list of malfunctions it performs on a daily basis is endless. In fact, I tried to make this post last week. It had such a hard time emailing the photos to me that I got angry and gave up. I'm still not sure I got them all.

Anyway, it dawned on me the other day that my phone is full of the most random assortment of pictures. This is because the minute I get the real deal camera out Lila figures out what I'm doing. She then hides or makes every effort to sabotage my photo shoot. Ok.... I am a horrible mother. I just blamed my laziness on my two year old. Everyone can admit it's much easier to whip out their phone and take a picture right? :-) I'm trying to be better about taking "real" pictures but it just isn't very easy.

Before I get to the onslaught of pictures, I have a few random kid tidbits to share:

1) Lila's conversation skills have suddenly changed. She has always been an incredibly verbal child. But recently she is putting many more sentences together. It's so fascinating to me. For instance, we took a stab at potty training and decided it just wasn't time. But, after talking about it a lot for a few weeks she still wants to talk about it randomly. We took the girls to Athens to tailgate this weekend (see below) and because we had both of them I would take Lila to the bathroom with me. Our tailgating spot is near a very nice bathroom that has about five stalls. I shuffle the two of us into a stall and Lila starts going on and on about me using the potty. Here's how it went:

"Mommy is the pee pee coming out of your bottom? Mommy are you going to poop? Mommy did you wipe? Are you going to wipe? Open this door mommy! Make sure you flush mommy."

We open the door and I realize it was kind of quiet in this very crowded bathroom. I look in front of us to see the long line of women giggling and smiling at my little chatty cathy.

2) I know I have said this before, but Evie is SO FREAKING HAPPY. Even when she's super mad she makes me smile. I don't know what it is but her cry is even kind of funny. We went out to dinner with my dad tonight (see below) and our waiter had a very raspy voice. She fixated on him and just smiled at him like crazy as he discussed the menu with my dad. It was the cutest thing. We had her four month check up on Thursday and she won over the nurses with her wide, happy smile. That is until they gave her shots! By the way, she is 14.8 pounds and 26 inches in case you were wondering. That makes her 75th percentile for weight and still 100th percentile for height. I see two daughters that are taller than me in my not so distant future.

Alright, are you ready? These are not in chronological order, you may have seen them before, and most have a comment....It's kind of a lot....on with the photo stream!

We begin with a little outside playtime. It appears they are having no fun right? I promise they were.

You will begin to notice a trend with Lila and Carson's hair....

...I can never quite get it to be manageable.

 The two of us don't have hair problems. I don't because I wear a hat (due to lack of shower) and she doesn't because, well, she doesn't have any.

This is another outside adventure day. This was let's wash everything in sight day. Why can't we do this inside?

 Molly finds the fan for Evie quite appealing.

Washing things seems to tire Carson out. And no, Lila is not eating the washcloth. She has a frozen yogurt (gogurt style) wrapped up in there.

Not sure where we were going but she looks most unimpressed.

Nevermind. Just sleepy :-)

Putting stickers all over ourselves is a daily occurrence.

I like to call this one "Attack of the Hair Band". Carson is shaking the noise maker thingy, Lila is drummer/singer, and Evie and I (not pictured) probably have some other random noisemakers Lila insisted we use.

Just chillin'.

Oh yea. I took this one to illustrate that she found her feet. Poor second child. This type of thing would have had it's own blog post with child number one!

This is the night that we thought Lila had gone to bed so easily. And she had. In our bed that is.

Off for a stroll.

This is at the Botanical that place!

Evie's first official Molly kiss :-)

Hanging out on the floor with Vivi (I think I actually stole this picture from Sara maybe).

Sara said here they were pondering what ducks eat (I think).

Cuddle time.

These girls played with the sand (moving it all over the deck and in and out of the pool) for almost an hour without talking to me or each other. It was serious work.

Finger painting! (amidst the mess that is my house...all that stuff back there is for sale if you see anything you want).

Finger chewing! It seems there may be teeth coming...

We went to hibachi and it would only stand to reason that since Carson had a bib on Lila HAD to have one on too. Seth fashioned one out of a napkin because after all, that's what daddies do right?

He's also great if you need to catch a nap during dinner.

Ugh. I pretty much got horrible pictures on the first day of school. She's still a cutie though!

Goofing off at the doctor's office.

You want to do what? As if the thermometer placement wasn't fun now want to give me shots?

My sweet angel teaching her baby sister the ABC's. 

I pulled out my consignment sale dress up finds and was SO happy I did!

Yep. Every ballerina should be playing an electric guitar.

Carson not only has an obsession with Evie. She also really loves all forms of seating for Evie.

A little wine, a puzzle, a princess dress, and aunt Kimmie equals a great evening.

 Alright dawgs...let's do this.

Family picture at the tailgate....or what I could get of one anyway.

Way past nap time yet she refuses to go to sleep until ten minutes before we get home.... she and I ended up here...

....after nap hair....

....after tailgating/nap general grumpiness.

And last (but most certainly not least!) dinner out with Poppy. Thanks again for the sushi Dad. We love you!

Ok now that you are sick of looking at my kids I hope your week starts off beautifully!


  1. i could never be sick of those sweet faces!

  2. Hey looks like ya'll are having a good time, and enjoying this nice weather we've been having! Let us know when you come into Athens sometime! We're new at this tailgaiting thing, and would love some hints on some good spots!


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