Monday, August 1, 2011

Tiredly random...

...or randomly tired. Whatever.

There just aren't enough hours...not enough sleep...never enough energy.

But man is there an abundance of other fantasticness. Yea, I made up a word.

So in no particular order here is my random assortment of blog post goodness:

1) Carson begins coming to our house on Mondays and Wednesdays tomorrow!!!

2) We just got back from the beach yesterday. Lila LOVED it. That being said, it flat out exhausted her and us. She loved running in the water. I would sit down and she would run circles around me. Evie sat under a tent with one of us the entire time and slept a whole lot. I had flashbacks of being at the beach with Lila when she was that age. I remember laying on a towel and just staring at her while I dozed in and out to the sound of the ocean. Man how things have changed :-)

This would be the face of delirious exhaustion...the best kind I might add.

As you can tell, the week started off cloudy but then got very sunny!

Where is Lila?

There she is! This is what Seth called the "Lilagoon". He would dig a gigantic hole while she played in the water...

Seriously...what's so great about this beach place anyway?

She is shockingly happy about her sticker face care of big sis.

 Nothing like a little down time.

3) Swim lessons are almost over. This is going to be the last week. On Fridays the parent gets in and learns how to practice with their child. So what you see in the video looks a lot like the lesson is for me! It's also kind of short and doesn't show much. But, hopefully this week I will get more. Lila is doing SO well. It's just such an amazing thing to witness. I don't mean that just for us either. The little boy that usually goes before us "graduated" last week. When we first started going I would watch him in fear that Lila would be like him and take an incredibly long time to feel comfortable with these lessons. The week he graduated it was like something clicked and he really took off. While it can seem daunting these lessons are meant to be life saving and I am confident Lila could save herself.

4) Evie may be the smiliest baby ever. Now that we are past the days of screaming all day and sheer agony on her part (ok and maybe on mine a little too) she obviously feels there is quite a lot to be happy about. I absolutely love making her laugh. Even more than that, I love it when Lila is doing something in front of her and she laughs. Half the time Lila doesn't even notice but it just melts my heart...

5) Evie and I are headed to the longest yard sale this weekend with Patty, Patty's mom, and Patty's friend Megan. I am very excited. I wanted to go last year but didn't get my act together. I may be crazy trying to go with a 3 month old, but I have to give it a shot. Plus, Lila will get a whole weekend of one on one time with daddy which is a huge bonus. Anyway, wish me luck!

Happy Monday ya'll!

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  1. Love both of the videos!! Lila has come such a long way! I'm so proud of her. That last video...oh my goodness! There is something so precious about a three month old laughing! Love.


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