Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Daughter is a Weirdo

I am totally stealing the idea, sentiment, and title of this post from Katie's post about Carson. Sorry to be a copcat Katie...it seems we are in for a life of weirdness together.

Exhibit A - This wouldn't be that weird except that we have a gigantic, uber comfortable couch surrounding this table she is taking up the froggy position on.

 Exhibit B - Ok, this is borderline scandalous. I went to my super glamorous second job tonight and got this picture emailed to me from Seth. He said she stuck these on and then did her "swimming" move that she does in really shallow water. Apparently the bikinis she saw at the beach left a mark because she certainly hasn't seen mommy in one. PS - the red marks are mosquito bites after being outside for ten minutes.

Exhibit C - First off, yes my house is this messy and cluttered these days. Such is life. This would be one of Lila's absolute favorite things to do. She chases either me or Molly with the shopping cart (usually Molly). But today she got geared up in upside down sunglasses and added a very dramatic move. See the video below.

Weirdness certainly keeps life interesting ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Oh man, she is so cute! I LOVE the bathtub shot - I bet she will love that one when she gets older!


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