Sunday, July 17, 2011

Amazingly inconsistent

When I had Lila life was about consistency. I believed in Baby Wise and the power of a schedule. I still do. But kid number two gets the shaft in life right? You would never have heard me say that until I had baby number two. Don't tell my sister that I am now aware of how much better I must have had it. Except for the whole getting away with things. That doesn't come until later though.

Anyway, I am trying. Now that Evie's on the path to happy instead of miserable I want to really aim for consistency. I believe children need it. They thrive on it. Even babies. Some disagree, and I understand.

The problem is, Lila has given up sleeping. Rather, she has given up going to sleep. Once she goes to sleep she does alright. It's just the getting there that's become a struggle to say the least. But we're working on it. She is consistently taking up residence up against the gate we put at her door when she "goes to bed". She piles up her blanket Kim's mom made and falls asleep on it rather purposefully.

She has also decided that between 2:30 and 3:30 am she needs to do a walkabout. She comes to our room all foggy and sleepy. When Seth was out of town I may or may not have let her get in the bed with me at this time. Last night I decided I would get in bed with her just until she fell asleep. What do you think happened? If you said I passed out immediately you would be correct.

We will see what route I take tonight. Seth and I went on a date tonight while Seth's mom was brave enough to babysit. Lila was up until 10 pm talking at the gate. Tomorrow's swim lesson should be awesome.

On another note I want to say bravo to Seth. He took both girls to the Botanical Gardens this morning while I went to my glamorous second job. This was his first real outing with both ladies and of course it went incredibly well. I'm all warning him about bringing extra outfits for both girls in case of blowouts. I'm all "you'll never know until you do it". I'm all "good luck!" as I grab my coffee and relish in my impending alone time. Not only did he not have blowouts, meltdowns, or any other such disaster...he made friends at the gardens. Well done Sethy poo.

FYI, my desperately seeking decor second blog is desperately in need of an update. It's coming. We finally accomplished a few things in Lila's room. While I could post about it piece by piece my life just does not allow for that. So stay tuned for a massive Lila's room update...and maybe even an Evie's room update too. Until then check out my new favorites in the Song of the Week (or year) tab and the favorite things tab.

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