Friday, July 15, 2011


The new header is gigantic. But, I'm very tired and don't feel like fixing it. So for the next month you will just have to see my beautiful babies up close and personal.

This week has been the biggest roller coaster of a week I have ever had. Monday was probably the worst day I've had since having kids. And today feels a little like I fought the mommyhood and the mommy (I) won. What made Monday so bad? I will tell you.

Do you ever have those days where really and truly everything goes wrong? I'm not talking life shattering things. I'm talking little things that eat away at your day until so many of them have happened that you want to scream at the universe because it must be out to get you? Here's the short list:

* Evie screamed. All day. When I say all day I mean every single second. Except for when we were at Lila's swim lesson. But Lila screamed through that.

* Lila decided the swim lessons are not for her. I usually change her into her swim attire when we get there. It only consists of reusable swim diapers and tennis shoes (to help her kick more). She had the most massive of meltdowns. This was more due to the lack of sleep she had been getting than the lessons because she suddenly also decided the big girl bed wasn't for her. Her meltdown got to the point where she plopped down completely naked onto the nasty floor surrounding the pool (which is indoor at a hotel no less).

* I gave up dairy only to realize Seth had been randomly giving Evie a bottle of frozen, pumped milk from before giving up dairy. When am I going to get this right?

* I fell off of a chair. I have a really pretty bruise on my knee, a somewhat twisted ankle, some random other bruises, and the intense feeling that Lila may drop the F bomb any day now.

* Seth had just left to go out of town. For a week. And it was only Monday.

Again, Monday could have been much more horrendous I'm sure. But you know the kind of day I'm talking about. The things mentioned above are the majors. The minors are too numerous to name and are now long forgotten anyway.

Today, however, made Monday seem like a distant memory. The not eating dairy (consistently without screwing up) seems to be making a difference. Evie has been a completely different kid the past 48 hours. She loves to smile, but now I see it almost all day instead of just in between sheer terror and pain. She is sleeping all night and attempting to nap longer.

Lila is coming to terms with her room having a gate up at nap and bed time. She did fall asleep (twice) laying on the floor next to the gate. I am convinced that was only because Sara was babysitting. She hasn't done that with me. Sara is WAY cooler than me. Sara and two of my cousins were here last night and she actually said "I want to come out too" like she was missing out on a big party. Seriously broke my heart. But then tonight she didn't seem too bothered. Mommy is just old news I suppose. I'll take what I can get though. Both girls were asleep by 8:30....and are still sleeping. Glorious.

Anyway, here are what I see as blooper pictures to go along with my blooper of a week.

It seems the dress wasn't good enough as is. She thought it needed a belt. Belts are meant to hold things up right?

This picture cracks me up. All I can think of to say is my daughter rocks the disheveled look.

 During our photo shoot Lila decided her "Baby Evie" needed to be in the picture too. And this is how she thought the baby should be posed.

Not sure what we're looking for here.

I like to call this the deer in headlights look.

Happy Friday ya'll!


  1. I'm so glad things are getting better as the week progresses. I LOVE the pictures...they are so funny. Only a few more days and Seth will return! :)

  2. Oh I'm so sorry! Monday sounds like it was absolutely horrible!! Hope your week has gotten better. i think when Seth gets home you need to go out by yourself for a few hours!

  3. i can totally relate… flat tire monday, locked out of the house tuesday! pictures are adorable as always!


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