Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The navigation continues...

On a daily basis I try very hard to really appreciate the fact that I have a daughter who knows what she wants. I realize she's only almost two, but I hope she never becomes as indecisive as her mommy. We have scaled down the tantrums (even in regards to clothing) but scaled up the hint of bossiness I had seen in the past few weeks. It seems like every day her language builds at a speed that I have a hard time keeping up with. This means that she knows more and more how to get what she wants. She also knows that I have a VERY hard time saying no when she says please. Overall, we are navigating turning two on a constant basis...

* Lila has always loved music but she only recently realized that it quite often comes from this thing called a radio. Unfortunately, she refers to the radio as "TV". When we are in the car if I turn the radio down for even a second she is chirping "TV on! TV on! TV on!".  I tell her it's called a radio and she thinks it's funny to argue with me and says TV over and over again. Also, I am a Dave fm fan, but she prefers Q100. I know this because today we were in the car and I switched from Q100 (which was on commercial) to Dave fm (which was playing Rain King by the Counting Crows) and she promptly said "don't touch the buttons!". So, in the end we need to work on the demanding nature of her opinions and we may need to work on her music choices as well.  Last week she got mad over the exact same thing when I went from Britney Spears (Q100) to Kings of Leon (Dave fm).

* The term scoot, or in Lila's world "scoop", has become her way of getting you to move her or move yourself. I got her a little table to sit at in the playroom at a consignment sale not too long ago. She gets herself into the chairs but can't seem to then get the chair to the table. The same thing goes for the chair at the piano. Before I even have a chance to help her she is yelling "scoop mommy! scoop!". She has also commanded me to scoop myself out of my own chair. I mean, I will be the first to admit that I sit. A lot. She now tries to put her arm around my back and move me out of the chair. Have I mentioned I'm ready to have this baby?

* This is kind of random, but it's a testament to how concrete the world is at this age. When we are in the car and Lila sees a car just like Seth's she starts screaming "daddy!". I guess the silver Chevrolet Traverse is super popular these days. She gets mad if the car pulls away. She even started crying yesterday and seemed genuinely mad at me for not taking chase after the car.

* Last, but certainly not least, Lila's affection towards my belly is growing by the minute. Usually if she pays attention to it at all I have either asked her where mommy's baby is or mentioned that she should give the baby some love. But in the past few days she has randomly come up and kissed my belly or gently patted and talked to the baby. I know she can't possibly understand what's about to happen. However, I do feel like her little heart is feeling a big sister pull :-)


  1. The first part of this made me laugh so hard! Then the last line made me tear up a little! I can't wait to meet #2!

  2. I felt the same way as Meg...though I agree with Lila on Britney vs Kings of Leon (they're too whiny...) I love all these stories you share!


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