Monday, April 25, 2011


This past weekend was fantastic. I would say it was one of the best weekends we have had as a family in a really long time. It was crazy busy, but so much fun. Here's why...

Friday night was uneventful :-) Seth worked pretty late which usually leads to a lot of working over the weekend. Fortunately for us, that was not the case this weekend!

Saturday morning we got up and got ready for Lila's first Easter egg hunt on our street. It was less than nice outside, so instead of the cute little sundress I had picked out Lila wore her absolute favorite outfit....the "button shirt" and rain boots. We had a small posse with us that included my mom, Seth's mom, Sara, and Sara's boyfriend Tucker.

I just love our neighbors. Our kids are all pretty much around the same age, and they get along so well. It's a small group, but the hunt was a huge success! Lila, of course, walked around discussing to herself something about the eggs this and the eggs that as she picked them up.

This one is the favorite of the day. Everyone looks so awkward all at the same time. Priceless.
I mean seriously...could I look more frumpy?

After the hunt the sun started to shine and we headed to the Szubski's house for a driveway cookout. I didn't have my camera for this part, but it was just perfect. Seth and Ben almost ingested enough hot dogs to concern me. Teddy put his arm around Lila at the little kid picnic table. All was right with the world.

After the cookout we made the bold decision to skip nap and head to Grant park for our friend Eric's 30th birthday cookout. Lila has skipped naps before, but it was usually because she just chose to talk in her bed instead of sleep. We knew this could go one of two ways. However, we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best anyway. The best is what we got. She had her first experience with corn hole and she sat like a zombie in Meg's lap on the blanket filled with babies (so mad at myself for not getting a picture of all the babies on the blanket!).

Earlier last week Seth's mom offered to have Lila spend the night one night over the weekend. Lila has been having consistent sleepovers with both Seth's mom and my mom the past couple of weeks and it has been so nice for us and for Lila. She gets to be around an active adult that doesn't move like slug and we get to either get things done, rest, or go out for the night. I felt bad bringing our very sleepy child over to Lee's, but again she was a champ. Seth and I went to a very nice dinner and then to a movie with Meg and Skip. I got the best night of sleep I've had in weeks. I'm not sure why it was so good because Lila almost never wakes up in the middle of the night. But it was glorious just the same. Seth and I rolled over at 9 am and just stayed there basking in the fact that neither of us just naturally woke up way earlier.

It dawned on me that Lila didn't get to see her Easter basket that morning at our house. I did do one and she still has yet to see it. But, it doesn't matter. She has the best time at Grammy's house and we had our second Easter egg hunt to attend. I figured she'd be ok with waiting a few days on the actual basket presentation.

We got ready and headed to Seth's Grandpa's house in Monroe. Lee met us there with Lila. On Seth's side of the family Lila is really the only little kid. So they did a "big kid" Easter egg hunt complete with money in some of the eggs. Lila got a head start for the ones on the ground. She loved this egg hunt just as much! It was so cute to see her get so into it. She again missed her usual nap time. Lila is not the type of kid that has ever fallen asleep anywhere but in her own bed. I have tried to get her to nap with me or fall asleep with me at other random times and she just won't sit still long enough to do it. As you can see, she did it this two different chairs on two different people no less! That's how you know she had just as much of a good time this weekend as we did. 


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