Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holla Hump Day

This week's shout outs go to...

...Lee (Seth's mom). I cannot thank you enough for cleaning for me, for having Lila over on the weekends, for having Lila over during the week after work, and for that fantastic dinner you made. While I would prefer this baby not come late, at least I know I can deal with it because of all you are doing for me!

...Lila for keeping me humble. Instead of just repeating everything I say she is now repeating things I do. We were in line at the store and I was absent mindedly tapping on the car with my fingernails. She then started tapping too. She did the same thing when I was sitting with her playing and I started tapping my leg. Apparently while at Grammy's (Lee's) the other day she would squat down, lift up her shirt, pat her belly and belly button, pull up her pants, and pull her shirt down over them. When she follows me into the bathroom this is pretty much what she sees me do. If she follows me that is when I show her my belly sometimes. You know the maternity kangaroo pants as I like to call them? The ones that come up over the belly? That's what she is imitating pulling up I think. The humble part comes the past few days when time she gets up from sitting or squatting she grunts and moans like an old lady. Lee also noticed this at her house. Slightly embarrassing...not at all surprising.

...Sonja for planning the street Easter egg hunt and the cookout. I didn't do a thing and I feel like such a slacker! We had the best time as I mentioned before. Next time I promise I will plan something...or at least be on top of things enough to bring something.

...Paige for planning my girls dinner/mini baby shower that happened last Thursday. I felt strange about having a shower for baby number two, but Paige planned it just right! It became incorporated into the monthly girls dinner we have so that future babies after the first can be acknowledged as well. Great idea Paige!

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  1. It was my pleasure! I know things aren't the same the 2nd time around, but still exciting nonetheless. I hope Baby Burrow #2 knows he/she is loved my her aunts just as much! :)


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