Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Super Freeze!

It seems that when I decided to have a child there were a million peripheral things about raising one that my brain didn't compute. When I say peripheral I mean things that I knew were coming...steps to take and milestones to achieve and such. But somehow within the realm of giving birth, falling in love with her, and now raising her I forgot that she would, in fact, get older. I guess it could be denial. It's possible my subconsious chose to "forget". Whatever the reason, some of these things are upon me all of sudden.

Tomorrow I will attend a preschool open house. Toward the end of last week my next door neighbor said something in her Facebook status about the preschool her son goes to having their open house. She commented on how early it seemed for that to already be happening. I read her short and sweet status and panicked. Lila will be TWO in May. I'm not saying preschool necessarily has to happen for everyone. However, Lila has been around four to five other kids once a week for a few months. That (and Carson of course) would be the only consistent situation that involves other children in her life....and it's one hour a week. So, in my head preschool after she turned two was a no brainer. However, this obvious no brainer somehow slipped my brain. When I realized I had no choice but to contemplate the situation I was overcome with wanting to deny it was happening. I frantically got info from the two moms on my street who have children in preschool. Before I knew it I had a plan, Seth and I discussed it, and I was all set to go to an open house tomorrow for MY BABY TO GO TO SCHOOL. I mean seriously...high school graduation might as well be next week.

There's also this nagging, lingering comment in the back of my head about baby Burrow number two. At my last appointment I scheduled my next one for February 16th. The nurse so kindly stated that after that one I will start doing the every two week appointments instead of every four. She then asked if I was ok. I must have looked at her like she had three heads. Really, I was thinking that while my body feels like that's right, my head is saying "WHOA!!!!!".

All of this is to say that if I could choose a super power it would be to freeze time...I guess most moms would choose that one though. Right after they choose to be in fifteen places at one time.


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  2. Man, I'm not even Lila's mom and you saying Lila going to preschool makes me want to vomit! You are right, time is flying!!!

  3. it does happen so fast! when you're pregnant, everyone says it, and you're like, yeah yeah blah blah whatever. then you have a preschooler.

  4. Wait. Carson is only 6 months behind Lila. WHAT?!

  5. One of the saddest days of my life was when you boarded that yellow bus headed to kindergarten. I didn't know what I'd do without you! And it seemed to take FOREVER for you to come home after that first day. After that, taking you off to college nearly did me in. Then "giving" you to Seth made me so happy but also tore me apart. The time between those events seemed like seconds instead of years. AS moms, we forever struggle with letting go and with "allowing" independence for our children. The heart strings mend, but the letting go part never goes away. I'm sorry! You'll remember the events fondly but sadly, no matter what. You have to do it, but you don't have to like it! I love you!


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