Monday, January 24, 2011

Only 6 months?

*Disclaimer - there will be an immense amount of whining in this post.

I am fairly sure that my doctor and everyone that works with her lied to me. I am now under the belief that this baby is coming in a month instead of three. Someone screwed up miserably when calculating my due date.

My hot mess of a toddler can point at my belly and say baby, but her patience with me stops there. She doesn't seem at all concerned that I pretty much feel like someone swiped my lower back with a two by four. She also doesn't care that I am sleepy all day but can't seem to go to sleep at night. I am almost certain she is a hot mess these days because I just can't keep up!

All of that aside, I feel right this minute like I remember feeling a few weeks out during pregnancy round one. How on earth am I going to feel when I am actually a few weeks out? I even apologized to Seth for my appearance (or lack of an attempt at a decent appearance) and my whining. He's a good sport, but I am starting to get sick of myself.

Add on the fact that I am finding loose Tums in my purse along with the stray Cheerios and you could say I am a hotter mess than my kid.

Once a day I tell myself that I will miss this when the baby is here. I really missed being pregnant not long after Lila was born. I do take moments to stop and marvel at the fantastic job my body is doing making this baby. My mind just needed me to vent to even the score. I do not want the baby to come in a month. That's just crazy talk. Of course I want it to be plump and completely ready to enter the world! I just can't stop thinking that come month 8 or so I may topple over and not be able to get up.


  1. Jana,

    I remember everyone telling me to enjoy my pregnancy while it was happening. But all I could think about was wishing it was over. And now I do miss being pregnant. So I can totally relate to how you are feeling. I can't imagine what its like being pregnant with a toddler. But if anyone can do it and make it look easy, its you! Hang in there! Baby #2 will be here before you know it and you will be missing the time when you had the best baby protection ever! :)

  2. You obviously didn't hear me! Do I need to pull Lee into this conversation? I so can!!!


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