Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Holla Hump Day

This week's shout outs are a little different. The people I want to holla at will have no idea I did it. They were just simply really nice strangers. I am not your typical "she can talk to anyone" type person. I know enough about myself to know that while I can be friendly, I get nervous and unsure way to easily. For some reason recently I have been in situations where it was just me and a stranger. Each one made me want to make more of an effort to make other strangers feel welcome and comfortable no matter what the situation. Here goes...

Shout outs go to...

...Angie. I only know her name because we were wearing name tags. She was the only other mom at the open house today that has a child going into the two year old class. Her daughter (also Lila) is already in the one year old class there. I think she could tell I was overwhelmed. Her Lila is her third child to go through this preschool and she was very candid and open with me. Very cool.

...I should know this person's name, but I accidentally deleted the emails. I believe the person is a woman though :-) She heads up the neighborhood watch emails I have been getting about the recent arsonist roaming around Tucker lighting things on fire. I have mentioned before that I already don't feel super safe around here. Things like this fuel those feelings. I'm sure random, crazy arsonists roam around in other places. Maybe I don't hear about it. For some reason I just feel like things like this happen more around here! At any rate, this neighborhood watch person (through my neighbor Sydney) has given up to date information that at least makes me feel a little bit better.

...The woman who runs the Toco Hills Gymboree (at least I think she runs it). I realize that a lot of people bought the Groupon. I know she's probably trying really hard to get said people to come back after the month class is over. But she has been super accommodating to my craziness. I had to leave the first class early (diaper leakage problem). She caught me before I ran out to give me information I forgot to pick up. Seth took Lila to the open play time on Sunday and she remembered Lila's name and made Seth feel really welcome (along with A LOT of other Groupon purchasers). I also called and asked if I could come to the Friday class this week instead of the Wednesday class due to the preschool open house. She called me back promptly and was just so friendly while telling me the options. She alone may have sold me on another month!

Happy hump day ya'll!

PS - A few people (okay just Sara and Meg) have asked me to link up to my other blog. While I haven't posted in a week or so, good things are coming. I have gotten fabric and plan to get Lila's new room rolling. It's probably really tacky to link to my own blog. I'm just following the requests of others! If you haven't yet, go check out Desperately Seeking Decor (also now linked in the blog list) :-)


  1. Thanks Jana for linking the other blog.

  2. I was meaning to ask you to link it as well- so I'm glad Meg and Sara did! :)


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