Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend in Review

Unfortunately, our weekend started with a very snotty, sick little girl. We had grand plans of tailgating and enjoying the great outdoors. We decided to skip the tailgating for fear of getting there and and being miserable. Friday was a tough day for Lila. She felt really bad and that caused her recent discovery of the tantrum to be heightened to all new levels. She took the shortest nap ever and woke up to spend the next thirty minutes screaming here:

Yes, this is my beautiful child almost under the couch screaming. She wouldn't let me touch her or pick her up until she suddenly decided she was done. She then crawled into my lap for the only thirty minutes of the day where she wasn't upset. That's when I knew tailgating was not an option.

As mentioned before, I use Facebook as my very own Wikipedia type source. I get more suggestions and firsthand information there than I could ever get anywhere else. When I began thinking about taking Lila to a pumpkin patch and realized I had never even been to one myself, I knew where to find an answer. I got multiple recommendations, but one was recommended much more than others.

About halfway through the day on Saturday things started looking up for Lila. She was her super happy self again and I regained hope of a decent weekend. We got up early today and headed to Burt's Farm...

I'm not going to say don't ever go there. I'm not going to say that it wasn't fun to some degree. I am going to say that we won't be going back. Maybe we are the idiots for going on a Sunday. Maybe it's become so commercialized that it's just not worth the trouble. I'm not really sure. All I know is that we left calling it BurtMart because we felt like we had just spent half the day at Walmart. It was very far away and was complete MAYHEM to say the least. The pumpkins were cool because there were so many different kinds to choose from. But, I could have found the same setup in a church parking lot. The line for the hayride was at least an hour, if not two. It amazed me how many moms and dads were standing in line in the heat with very young children screaming.  Trying to take pictures was like playing a game of dodge the crazy kid whose mom isn't watching him. Lila "picked" a pumpkin, we paid, and left. On our way out the line of cars coming in was so long you would have thought this place was Disney World. Craziness. Here are a few pictures...

We may try pumpkin viewing again at Stone Mountain since that is right down the street! 


  1. Bummer the pumpkin patch wasn't great. I love love love that picture of you and Lila!

  2. sweet pics! I hope they made dealing with BurtMart worth it!

  3. If you would have asked on FB "which Pumpkin Patches to avoid", I would have said Burt's :) We did the SAME thing when Kathryn was Lila's age and it was a complete nightmare. I seriously could not get why people think that place is so wonderful. Maybe for older kids, but definitely not worth it for little ones! And if it makes you feel any better, I've heard week days aren't any better because of schools/preschools taking field trips there :)


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