Thursday, October 7, 2010


So, I didn't get nearly as many comments on the vaccine post as I had hoped (secretly Katie was hoping too because we are in the same boat). Therefore, if you wanted to say something and just didn't, please go back and comment. Even if you want to say I am overreacting and irrational...I can take it.

Anyway, to those who have been anxiously waiting on pins and needles, Lila's most recent word is STUCK. I may have started this. I mean, of course I started it. She also randomly walks into a room and says "So...." with nothing following it. Wonder where she got that one. At any rate, stuck is so STUCK on my child that everything is stuck. Even things that are permanently situated in a certain way in Lila's world are in fact STUCK.

She also seemingly overnight turned into a very dramatic thirteen year old. The only thing reminiscent of toddlerhood is the laying on the floor face down part. The screaming and whining and fake crying leapt us forward a decade and may cause me to reconsider future children (just kidding). I am trying to cut her some slack today because she is completely covered in snot.

Stick the new way of dealing with life with the word stuck and Lila's world is DRAMA. If something is stuck that she can't unstick she loses her mind. If something is stuck that I can unstick she comes at me full force to get the problem solved, whining and all. We are really working on the words please or help instead of the whining. For some reason those aren't catching on as fast. When she does say please with that sweet face looking at me like I can solve all of her problems it melts my heart. When she doesn't and I ask her to say please and she stubbornly refuses, I see glimpses of my future flash before my eyes.

Hopefully the next new word that is said eight million times a day will be something like chocolate...soothing and can easily be provided. Who am I to deny a girl some chocolate?

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  1. Ok, so forgive my ignorance. If Lila is vaccinated, are there risks for her to be playing with kids that aren't? Shouldn't the vaccination protect her from getting the illness?

    I don't know much of anything about this topic....


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