Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A post from the abyss that is my bed

seth is dealing with the drama that is his job. its cold and the sheets were just washed so even though im not really tired i got in the bed just to be cozy. excuse the lack of capitalization and punctuation...my phone and blogger dont seem to like one another. today i was overwhelmed by fall. that nagging voice in my head that makes me think i can accomplish more than i really can made me want to start doing a lot of fallish things...

i want to....
...make the divine pumpkin cupcakes
...put away all things reminiscent of summer....especially bathing suits
...make chili in the crockpot so my entire house smells like chili for days
...carve lots of pumpkins and cook the seeds
...fall clean...like spring cleaning only more decorative
...cuddle on the couch under a gigantic blanket with my cute little family even though i am the only one who would actually stay cuddled for very long
...and the list goes on

i hope you are enjoying the beginning of fall as much as i am


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