Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Seven P's

(SIDE NOTE - I typed this post on September 2nd)
(SIDE NOTE #2 - I am doing a lot of playing around with what the blog looks like...sorry if it's overkill)

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

Seth and I decided in early spring to not take precautions against becoming pregnant. We knew we wanted our kids to be close in age and we knew we were ready for another baby, but we also kind of felt like there was no need to rush or make a valiant effort. As the saying goes, we were not, NOT trying. A couple months went by as it did when we did this with Lila, and I started to get antsy. Not that antsy though. I kept saying, if it doesn't happen this month I will start peeing on sticks. But, I still don't really believe the sticks work. They are also crazy expensive so I just didn't do it. I did go on babycenter.com and have text messages sent to myself telling me when I would be most fertile. That is hysterical that they do that by the way. What do they call it?....ah, I just looked it up...booty caller alerts. Priceless.

Anyway, I started getting the texts and I got one in the month of August that said something to the effect of "if you were to conceive during this timeframe your due date would be May 7th". I chuckled because that was my due date with Lila and then went on about my business. I think I had resolved myself to believe that it was going to take a while longer.

It appears that August might be my most fertile month :-) That's right folks...baby Burrow #2 is a cookin' and will make his or her appearance somewhere around his or her sister's second birthday. We are beyond THRILLED to add to our family, but I do feel a twinge of guilt or whatever you want to call it that my children's birthdays will be VERY close together. Don't get me wrong. I am completely aware of how lucky we are that getting pregnant hasn't been a hard road for us. I just think birthdays are so special. That means I am going to have to be WAY on top of things in the birthday department and make each one feel like their day is as important as possible.

I posted my status today on Facebook that I am having serious deja vu. My friend Sonja "liked" my status and said "I don't know why I like this but I have a feeling that I should". She then took it off because I just took the test today and we were afraid it would be given away!  It's quite strange. Football starts this weekend and I took a test today and got all jittery and excited just like I did the morning of the first football game of 2008 when I took the test that told me Lila was on the way. This time I will not be pretending to just be the DD at the tailgate. We are actually headed to the beach with Meg and Skip for the long weekend. What a great way to celebrate!

All of this being said, we will again not be finding out the gender. However, I am already convinced that we are having a girl. Hopefully this time we will have a name picked out before he or she enters the world.


  1. So so happy for you, Seth and Lila. I can't wait to meet this little one and fall in love with her just like I have with Lila! Congratulations Jana. Love you!

  2. YAY! And that big sister shirt is super-duper cute!


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