Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If we were children I would bake you a mud pie

Today we ventured to the land known as Hippo Hopp. Similar to a Monkey Joe's, Hippo Hopp is filled with toys and jumpies that little kid dreams are made of. Most little kids that is. Apparently Lila's dreams aren't made of such. She wanted to get in the jumpies but then she wanted to scream about it. She did play a great deal with the toys and balls on the floor so it wasn't a total loss. I guess I am hoping that the more we go one day she will just love it.

I found it interesting how quickly I could spot the mommies from the nannies. I used to be a nanny, so I'm not knockin' it. However, I am sure I was a much better nanny than the ones I saw today. I'm just sayin'. One such person was there with two crazy little boys. She had her work cut out for her and yet she didn't really work. The younger of the two wanted everything Lila had and he wasn't above shoving, slapping, or yelling to get it. Maybe this is karma? Maybe Lila giving Carson a hard time is coming back to bite her? Regardless, only one time did she cry because of this kid and that was when she hit the ground because he pushed her. Otherwise it was more like she was mesmerized by him. I wanted to shake her and say "no, no, no! Boys who shove you DON'T actually like you." Instead, I tried to redirect her away from the crazy kid whose nanny didn't ever know where he was or what he was doing.

I also learned today that Lila needs to be around other kids more often. I knew this would be a struggle for us because she doesn't go to daycare or really anywhere where there are many kids to encounter. We have play dates, but they are short and usually no more than three or four kids. So when we go somewhere like Hippo Hopp she spends 90% of the time staring. She is so intrigued by the multitudes of kids that all she can do is put on her best zombie face and watch them. Others are doing it too though so I don't feel that bad. But she is shy and timid...that's just her nature. I just hope she doesn't always let boys shove her while she stares at other kids having a good time. At least I know she has Teddy and Grant (her neighbor friends) who will stand up for her.

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