Monday, September 20, 2010

Video killed the radio star

(Ok so the post title is the title of the song...if you know the artist I will seriously buy you dinner)

Pardon my redecorating. I don't totally love it yet, but I'm getting there. I know in the land of blogging changing things up even once is a no no. But, the people who read this are my friends and family for the most part. I'm assuming they (you) won't hold it against me.

I have something very serious to discuss. Are you ready?

It's really, really serious. Are you sure you're ready?

The topic I want to discuss is television. Not so much just the big box in your family room, but what's been on it of late. It's fall which means premieres, new shows taking off, and old favorites coming back. I don't know if the trash tv of summer has led me to become I guess. I do know that I was digging some major tv today.

First, I love Oprah. You've probably noticed once or twice. It's not so much her I love, but what she is willing to talk about. Oprah as we know it (the show) is coming to an end and this is the last season. She is packin' it in too. Today's show was about the new documentary coming out on Friday called "Waiting for Superman". I am a SUCKER for a good documentary. This one will be a must see for me. If you haven't heard of it, it's all about the state of public education in this country. I knew most of what was covered on Oprah today. I would hazard to guess that most people who haven't dealt with public education don't know just how bad things are.

I was a teacher for three short years. I learned many, many things. The most important questions I left my job with were "can I really handle sending my child to public school knowing what I know?" and "can I really handle ever going back to being an educator in a public school knowing what I know?". I realize I make it sound all glass and mirrors. It's not. But, I know that my faith in public education is incredibly a parent and as an educator. I'm glad Oprah and Bill Gates and whoever else were on the show today are trying to shine a spotlight. I wonder how many documentaries and Oprahs it will take to really make a difference. I also wondered that about things like Food Inc. too though. I mean for God's sake...soon we will be eating genetically engineered salmon without even knowing it. Anyway, I will give an update once I actually see the documentary (once it goes to On Demand that is :-)

Next, MTV. Yep, that's what I said. MTV is a load of CRAP....for the most part. This show may or may not be new. I have no idea. But, one of my new favorite shows is on MTV and it is called "The World of Jenks". Andrew Jenks is a wannabe film maker. Every week he lives the life of someone very different from himself. Tonight's episode showed Jenks meandering around with a young homeless woman in San Francisco. He became homeless with her for a week and asked her EVERY question he could think of. Well, then a rerun was on afterward of a show he did following the life of an autistic twenty year old for a week. Seriously this guy is making really great tv. If you aren't digging tv these days, watch this show. It's very educational and well done.

Alright, I have RAMBLED immensely tonight. Thank you for humoring me. I have to admit, I deleted a lot about education because I can kind of get on a soap box based on my own experiences. I only stepped on it for a second I think. I am trying to learn to be more objective. I would love to hear about your latest feelings about tv. Any new shows you just can't wait for? Any oldies but goodies you already have set on DVR? If you are one of those people who never turns it on and goes running instead just don't tell me that. No sense in making me look bad right?


  1. That would be The Buggles. Didn't even need to google it.

  2. Sorry I couldn't get the title without looking it up, so it doesn't count...was on the tip of my tongue though :p

    I hear you about education. I'm the same way about hospitals now. Just too much that you know that goes on "behind" the scenes.

    This season we're all about Modern Family in our family. HILARIOUS!!

    Speaking of documentaries have you seen "Dear Zachary"? Good one...

  3. The last part of the post has me crying! That was a great couple of lines to add in.

  4. Good job Jon!
    Life with Jenks--just found that show too and LOVE it! I've watched the one with the autistic boy twice now.
    Modern Family is definitely on my all-time favorite show list.


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