Monday, September 27, 2010

This is how lucky I am (not lyrics)

The last post title was from the song "What I Wouldn't Do" by a Fine Frenzy. No winners! Sorry for the week long mini-hiatus. I could whine and complain and go into great detail about why I have been a lazy blogger, but I'm trying to work on being less whiny. So on that note...

This is how lucky I am:

* Lila woke up screaming an hour after I put her to bed tonight. This is pretty rare for her these days so I went in and picked her up. I usually don't do that. I usually rub her back and talk to her until she seems to be headed back to la la land. When I picked her up she clung to me so I sat down and rocked her while she basically hugged me like she might never see me again. We sat like this for about ten or fifteen minutes. I knew she wasn't going back to sleep. She's never been one to sleep well anywhere other than her bed. So I stood up and put her in her bed and she just stood in it. She wouldn't look at me for a minute so I just stared at her with my face in her face. She suddenly giggled, grabbed my face, and pulled me close for a snuggle. As quickly as that happened she plopped down to go back to sleep and I haven't heard a peep since. Apparently she just needed a little late night mama love.

* This weekend I had a sleepover at a friend's house. Yes, I did say sleepover. Lila and I loaded up and spent the night out with a couple of fabulous ladies. I love that I have friends that love my child enough to let her run amuck in their home. Somehow I figured out how to have friends that are as close to family as non-relatives can get and I am constantly reminded of just how much that adds to our lives.

* Speaking of family, my mom and my sister came over Friday night and babysat so that Seth and I could go on a date. No, it doesn't take both of them to keep my little toddler under control. They just both wanted to come. It makes my heart happy just to think about the amazing influences in Lila's life and how they will make her who she is just as much as Seth and I will. It also makes my heart happy to spend time with Seth outside of my house and away from my child. If you can't tell, Lila is the center of our universe. However, the universe will collapse if the two people holding it together don't get to enjoy each other every once in a while. Thank you to my lovely mother and sister!

* AND, speaking of Seth. I plan to devote an entire post to him in the near future for a variety of reasons. At this point, I just want to say that there are girls who get lucky. They find a man who loves them and takes care of them. Then there are girls like me who get even luckier than that. They find a man who will clean a poopy cloth diaper, listen to their wife whine, and sport short shorts all at the same time. I will leave you with this...

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