Friday, February 19, 2010

Making the rounds

Lila has a cold again! She is like an ever flowing faucet of snot. Her poor little nose is red from wiping, her eyes are runny like she might sneeze any second all day, and she is so very tired. One of the reasons I never liked the idea of daycare was the sheer fact that children in daycare are pretty much never well (from what I hear). Well, I didn't take into account MY job and how I bring home fourteen different sets of germs every day. I have a very small class with only fourteen kids. You can imagine the jealous looks I received today when people realized I had FIVE absent students. Yes, a teeny tiny class is a teacher's dream come true. But not at the expense of sick kids and eventually a sick teacher's baby. I myself haven't gotten sick which is incredibly odd. Maybe the past two years of teaching have really actually boosted my immune system. My class has been passing strep around. One of the other second grade classes has a different kid throwing up in it every day. There are more teachers absent than I have ever seen either because they are sick or their kids are. I go through so much hand sanitizer in my class I am beginning to feel like it is having the opposite effect. Between washing my hands and using sanitizer I feel like they are going to peel away. SO, needless to say, I am beyond ready for summer. Warm weather and no school is the only answer to end the madness.

SIDE NOTE:  I finally changed the header picture! Lila turned 9 months on the 13th. We were sitting around the other day and I just started taking really silly pictures of her. You now get to see the result of that until March 13th. So funny!

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  1. yep. daycare and schools are over-sized petri dishes. you've been lucky...I wouldn't last a day as a teacher w/o bathing in a tub of Purell and drinking gallons of Emergen-C.

    love the new pics. she's so plump and cute!


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