Saturday, February 20, 2010

Picnic on the porch

It's very hard to believe that just a week ago we were trapped in our house after a day and night of snow. Today was such a beautiful day and it really, REALLY made me wish it was full on spring. I didn't even spend much time outside today. Seth and I spent the morning cleaning offices (our second job) and then I went to the mall for a couple hours of me time before Seth leaves for Vegas tomorrow. I came home and around 7:30 pm I began to actually enjoy the warmer weather. Seth built an incredibly large deck off the back of our house, but unfortunately we haven't been able to bite the bullet and buy the furniture we want for it. It is a lot of big, empty space with a few random chairs, a chair swing, and a small fire pit. So, Seth built a fire and grilled dinner while Lila and I sat on a blanket and threw the ball for Molly. Lila's favorite pastime is watching Molly jump around and act like a maniac so you can imagine how much fun they both have with ball throwing time. In true sophisticated redneck style, we then ate our steak sitting on our huge deck in front of a small fire.

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