Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting ready

The days of throwing things in a bag and going out of town are LONG gone. I feel like I have been getting ready all week for a three day weekend. Granted, I am going to Vegas! And guess what? Lila isn't even going. It seems that going out of town, baby in tow or not, is a lot of work. The grandmothers have watched her countless times, but that somehow doesn't seem to cover it. Changes happen so fast and I feel like before I know it there's more information to tell. She has low iron so she is on an iron supplement three times a day. She's starting to eat more "finger foods" instead of pureed foods which requires more on the front end than just heating up a "cube" of frozen homemade baby food. She has major separation issues at times and then at other times she acts like such an independent little girl.

Anyway, I sat down to start to write a very simple set of instructions and of course it turned into a dissertation on the life of a nine month old. I am creating more work for myself which keeps me from doing the laundry I need to pack or actually making the baby food. Throw in planning for a sub on Friday, sucking down vitamins like candy to avoid the strep outbreak in my learning cottage, and dealing with a minor female issue and this has been a doozy of a week. And it's only Tuesday!

BUT, once I get past the woe is me drama I realize that I am going to Vegas for the first time! I am going to the Cirque show O. I am spending much needed one on one with the greatest man alive. AND, I am going to live it up! Of course, leaving LJ is never easy. I just hope she knows that my love of traveling will never come close to my love of hanging out with her....I also hope she knows that one day when she is seeing the world (or just Vegas) that she better call me a million times to tell me how much she loves it.


  1. Have SO much fun Jana - you deserve the time. Love you!

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