Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today's Prayer

God grant me the ability to appreciate the hours a day I see my child,
instead of constantly wishing they lasted longer.
Give me the motivation to be a teacher, a mother, and a wife with the maximum effort all three deserve,
but without the frustration of feeling like I fall short too often.
Help others to understand that if I seem tired or cranky it is probably not because of them.
But if it does happen to be because of them they will become aware of it in the most polite way I can muster.
Lastly, and most importantly, show me how to strike a balance that works for everyone....
most of all, me.


  1. You're doing a wonderful job, Jana, at all of the jobs you have to do! Don't ever doubt that OR doubt yourself. You count too. Don't ever forget that, okay? If you learn NOTHING else from me, learn that. YOU count too! I love you ... and I hear you and relate all too well!

  2. this is a wonderful prayer! you've captured every mothers' heart's desire. I'm printing this out!


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