Thursday, January 21, 2010

What a week

There are no complaints here, but I have to say this week has been a doozy.  There are no complaints because I feel more aware right now than ever just how good I have it. The stories and events coming out of Haiti are heartbreaking to say the least. I only hope the immense amount of aid and all of the donations are utilized as effectively and swiftly as possible.

In my teeny tiny part of the universe this has been a doozy of a week for various reasons. Lila has been very sick and it's leaving a mark all over my face apparently. Certain people at work keep asking me if I'm alright. Some have even made sure to tell me I look exhausted. Seriously, who really thinks it's ok to let something like that come out of their mouth? If I saw you and you looked tired the LAST thing I would say is "Oh my goodness! You look SO tired!". Real Simple daily thought:

"Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness you have good manners, no matter which fork you use."  - Emily Post

Anyway, Lila has slept through the night since month two. She has always been an amazing sleeper so we have been incredibly spoiled to say the least. About two weeks before she got sick she started randomly waking up in the middle of the night and we were actually hoping it was due to teething (she has zero teeth so far). She would wake up for 5 or 10 minutes but once we would go in and soothe her a little she would go back to sleep. Then she got sick and now sleeping has been difficult for everyone. Last night I actually laid in my bed with her next to me propped up on a pillow and watched her cough for an hour. She would drift to sleep and then cough like crazy. She (and I) finally fell asleep and Seth came in and put her in the bed. When he took her from our bed to her bed I remember crossing my fingers in my half sleep that she would just make the peaceful transition without a peep. We got lucky that time.

It hasn't helped that we are having our den "renovated". Nap time has been non-existent because Sara puts her to sleep and she is woken minutes later by drilling. But, she went to the doctor today and was given antibiotics so hopefully the end is near. They said they were shocked she hadn't really gotten sick until now. Again there's that nagging feeling that this is my fault because I stopped breast feeding. Does that ever go away? It's like a little cloud that follows me around. Needless to say, she was going to get sick at some point.

I also want to mention that tonight marked the first time I have allowed myself to put a 12 month outfit on her (pajamas actually). I put them on because they are so freaking cute, but also because I just wanted to see if they fit. To my horror they fit perfectly. She is only 8 and a half months old!  This can't be happening. I don't care how physically big she is but mentally this is messing with me.  This throws it in my face that she is closer to being a one year old than I am ready for her to be. I got over it (not really, but a little) once I saw how insanely cute the pajamas were. Well, due to the disarray of my house I couldn't seem to get a great picture. I can't find the battery charger to my regular digital camera, I have NO CLUE yet how to work the new fancy digital camera, and my phone takes crappy pictures. However, I got what I could get on the phone. She doesn't look sick at all! Plus, when she's on the changing table she refuses to put her legs down.  She is obsessed with her feet.  Therefore, you can't even see the pajamas, but I tried.


  1. Lila is a doll!

    Don't beat yourself up about breastfeeding. Whether you stopped at 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years (yikes), you would have had to stop eventually.

    Patrick was late getting his teeth too. He cut like 4 or 5 at the same time which was kind of nice. We didn't have months and months of him teething and all the fun things that go along with it ;)

  2. I agree it is not the breastfeeding thing, do not beat yourself up. You made it way longer than I did!

    Also Madeline my now 3.5 year old got NO teeth till 12 months, when she got them all at once. Cooper who was born a few weeks after Lila I think has 2 already. They are all different, and actually the later they get their teeth the stronger the teeth are the pediatric dentist told me :-)

  3. Those pjs are stinkin' cute! You are one blessed mama!

    Have you ever used a supersonic cool mist humidifier when they're congested? It's amazing how it stops the coughing and helps the congestion. I'm glad she's feeling better, though.

    It's a crime about no nap time, though! I still love nap time:)

    I hope your day is better. Just think that when someone says you look tired, at least they notice you're having a tough day! How awful if they didn't notice!

    Have a wonderful, un-tired, well-baby, just-turned-30-and-30-never looked-so-good kind of day!

  4. Something must be going on in babyland cause my Lo is off her sleep schedule too. Don't feel guilty about her getting sick...breastfed babies get sick too.

    ps a dentist told me that boys cut their teeth faster than girls.


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