Monday, January 4, 2010

Just not ready

Back to work today I went.  I feel like complaining about having to go back to work after a two week break is really bratty of me.  I mean, most people would love to have a job where such breaks were just par for the course.  But then I have to ask, why aren't most people teachers if that's the case?  Hence, I do not feel bad complaining anymore.

It was miserable.  Lila woke up two hours early because she heard me get up.  She broke my heart with her separation anxiety and little footy pajamas.  I started Weight Watchers today so my now "skinny" cinnamon dolce latte was not as thrilling as I needed it to be.  And the complaints just fall out from there.  I know. Woe is me. To make matters worse, Lila's nap schedule changed over the break. Now instead of getting up right around when I usually get home she is going down for a nap at that time. SO, here I sit anxiously waiting for her to wake up so I can spend time with her.  Soon I am off to dinner with my friend Kim that I miss terribly.  She didn't go anywhere.  We just don't see each other enough anymore. So, I have decided dinner with Kim will save this wretched day.  It does mean only seeing Lila for a few minutes, but she needs some daddy time and I need to see my best friend.

All of my complaining aside, it was sort of (only sort of) nice to get up, get ready, and make myself presentable before noon.


  1. I am so glad we were able to do dinner - but sad you missed out on time with the little one. Love you are a wonderful friend. Always.

  2. I teach too and I was a total brat complaining about retuning back two work. Now we're all counting down until Spring

    Your baby is adorable.


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