Tuesday, January 5, 2010

She's famous!!!

Ok not really, but Lila's derriere does have a cameo in the latest "how to diaper your baby" video on Webmd.  About a month ago we participated in a shoot for these new parenting videos on Webmd.  It was really fun and she did such a good job.  Anyway, her portion was supposed to show that you need to give your baby "naked time" during the day to prevent diaper rash.  Apparently I didn't follow the advice very well because we just finished battling the diaper rash from you know where.  Lesson learned!  What's so hysterical to me about the video is that you will probably have no idea when she's on unless I spell it out for you.  I mean, truly all you see is her backside.  It's so cute though!  The video is kind of long and her 5 seconds (or less) is right in the middle somewhere.  I believe it's right after the one minute mark where the doctor says something about poo being the color of mustard.  She's laying on a huge multi-colored mat and she's quite obviously the oldest/biggest kid in the show.  Way to go LJ!  You rocked that pseudo infomercial ;-)



  1. Sometimes you just need to hear it... You are a beautiful woman, inside & out. You are an exquisite mother, who can make a way out of no way. YOU ARE A GREAT MOM !!! You are doing a fantastic job and are very loved!!!♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ post this on the blog of moms...Mom's who always put their kids first and who balance it all. I just did!

  2. I just found your blog from SITS and wanted to say hi. Lila is beautiful!

  3. This is the kind of stuff she is going to be really upset if you break out when her first boyfriend comes over.

    just remember that ;-)

    but for now - what she doesn't know won't hurt her for now. she's a beauty!

    Visiting from SITS.

  4. I bet she kicks butt in the video. sorry for the lame pun...it's too early. :-)

    your blog is really growing! I'm grabbing your button

  5. Watched the video! What an adorable baby butt! I love tiny, little baby bums! :)


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