Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Woe is me

So I have been a MAJOR grumpy pants lately. I think what happened is that the transition from mommy only to mommy with a job went a little too smoothly two months ago. Sara was here, it seemed refreshing to get out of the house and be productive every day, and I soaked it up. Yea I was upset that I wasn't with Lila all day every day, but it was shockingly manageable. And now I am having a severe delayed reaction. The dust of the beginning of the year has settled. It's no longer refreshing. Not even a little bit. Don't get me wrong...my perfect class is still pretty darn perfect. They make it much easier than it could be and I am thankful for that. The overwhelming amount of garbage that has to be done that goes along with being a teacher is where the nagging desire to be at home sneaks in. I know....yes I would like some cheese with my whine. I am saying all of this as one massive excuse for the lack of posting these days.

My feelings about my job aside, life is very, very good. Lila is still the perfect little girl baby version of Seth. She has taken to eating her toes, maneuvering herself around in her crib, and intensely staring at us while we eat. We solidified our status as sophisticated rednecks by taking her to a chili cook-off at our friend Josie's house for a GA game where she promptly "went to bed" on the floor in one of the bedrooms. We then decided to take a chance on actually tailgating in Athens with her. This turned out shockingly well aside from the massive blowout she had on her brand new, adorable baby UGA dress. Katie (7 months prego) and I left Athens before the game. I know it sounds pointless, but we got to hang out with people which was the goal. Seth and Brandon stayed and partied like rockstars (as much as two guys who rarely party these days can anyway). Our next adventure is going to last a bit longer than a couple of hours at a tailgate. This Friday we are heading to Boston to visit Kristin and Marc over the long weekend. I am nervous but very excited! Wish us luck...cross your fingers that she loves flying and colder weather as much as she loved tailgating.

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