Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Painfully overdue


Are you still out there..........?

Yes, I'm still here. If you read the last post (well, even if you didn't), I am going to be insanely lazy and say all of that still applies. I have a feeling no one even checks this blog anymore. BUT, in the off chance someone does, here is a very overdue, very long update post. I am organizing it in the fashion of a couple of mini-posts with their own titles, dates, and even pictures (even though putting pictures in blogs is a total pain in the rear for me for some reason...if you want to see more go to facebook)....that shows you I was thinking about blogging. I just never did it.

9-26-09 Party Animals
Seth and I went out on the town for our third anniversary. We stayed at The Glen hotel downtown, went out to dinner, and got rowdy. Seriously though! For us, we got rowdy. I never drink anymore. Like ever. SO, when I do have a few drinks it can get ugly. But at least we started the night pretty (as shown in the picture). The Glen is a fabulous, very chic hotel with orange curtains and fake grass growing in the hallways. I LOVED it. We went to dinner at Legal Seafoods which was not so fabulous, but you can't win 'em all :-)

10-3-09 First Official Tailgate IN ATHENS!
Yes we braved the crowds. Yes we got up at the crack of dawn (like we don't already anyway). Yes I breastfed in the backseat of my friend's car on North Campus. Yes Lila had a blowout on her brand new, fancy dress. I think most people probably think we are crazy for taking LJ everywhere we go. Maybe we are. To those people I say, you do it your way and I'll do it mine. Thanks.

10-12-09 Planes, trains, automobiles, taxis, buses, and....Ducks?
Our three day weekend trip to Boston can be summed up in one word. Transportation. Lila experienced all forms of transportation in one weekend for the first time. I can't say the flights were joyous, but they were bearable and doable. As I'm sure you know if you live in Atlanta, delays are inevitable. As we sat in the Atlanta airport, Lila managed to have one of her blowouts all over her clothes. In the rush and panic to get out of the house and to the airport on time for a very delayed flight we managed to not pack an extra outfit as per usual in the diaper bag. Therefore, this is how our child truly and officially entered our status in life that we like to call "sophisticated redneck":

She did fly sans pants. I mean all a girl really needs is undies, a hoodie, and socks right?

NOTE: Anyone see a resemblance? Maybe just a little one right?

Once we arrived in Boston it was smooth sailing. Kristin and Marc were great hosts and we had the best time! We even got to watch the Georgia game in downtown Boston! Who knew?

Here are a few of the transportation shots....the Duck tour was really great, but running through Boston to get to the Duck tour was the real adventure. Seth was a trooper with Lila strapped up in the Baby Bjorn. Good times!

Overall, the past month has been swell. This weekend is Georgia/Florida weekend for us. I have left over 5 pages of instructions for the slew of people watching our house/dogs/child. I promise to post sooner rather than later about how it all goes (here and there). Please let me know if you care to still read this and I really will make more of an effort to keep it up!


  1. I still read it! Keep the posts coming --- and the pictures - even though they are pain in the butt! I love them!
    The picture of Seth and Lila at the Atl airport made me laugh out loud -- what a little mini-me he has there! :-)

  2. I'm still reading, thanks for posting something new! :) Have fun this weekend!!!

  3. I do! I do! Please keep writing!

  4. I check regularly for updates! Keep 'em comin'.


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