Sunday, November 15, 2009

Can't commit

As I sit here at my kitchen table listening to the washing machine, the crying baby, the fighting dogs, and the TV in the background while shopping online for Christmas gifts, I have begun to think, how did I let this blog go? I have gotten hours of enjoyment and stress relief out of it and I don't even utilize it anymore. How do I keep letting that happen? I keep telling myself that tomorrow I will do better. It's like losing weight. For some people it's a day of the week (for me it's Monday), or a season, or even an event. I always say, on Monday I am going to start eating WAY better. Well damn if Monday isn't JAM PACKED now with CRAP I plan to do. I mean, the day doesn't stand a chance. There's so much pressure on it. The list is endless!

1. Lose weight/eat better.
2. Blog like it's my job because, let's be honest, I kind of wish it was.
3. Plan a vacation with my girlfriends because Seth seems to have one every other day (not really, but when I never go anywhere or do anything, it sure does seem that way).
4. Play tennis with someone as much as possible so I don't have a repeat episode of my HORRENDOUS tennis match on Saturday where I wanted to burn my racket and crawl in a hole far away from the likes of any ALTA or USTA member.
5. Try new recipes and possibly make something other than chicken and broccoli for dinner.

I could go on and on. At any rate, here I am Sunday night writing a post. That counts for something right?

So what's new in my life? I mean, again let's be honest when saying "my life" because we are really talking about the wee life Lila Jeanne Burrow. I do have ONE event (aside from the disheartening tennis match) that was mine and mine alone and then I will get to the events in the life of LJ. Last week (or maybe it was the week before, I can't be sure) I think I was hit on...I don't drink coffee, but I have a mild obsession with a certain latte at Starbucks. If I plan to go to Starbucks I have to get up about 10-15 minutes earlier because my job is a stone's throw from my house. Therefore, Starbucks is not on the way. That being said, I have to make an extra effort to go. This happens about once a week. So I am in the drive-through line intently listening to the Bert show. If you do not know what that is, it's a radio show in Atlanta. They are great for catching you up on the latest trash in Hollywood and since it takes me minutes to get to work, I never really get to listen to them. You can imagine then how I could be entranced in the story about Lindsay Lohan and her dad right? Well I was. So much so apparently that I was completely unaware of my surroundings. I placed my order and when I got to the window and handed her my money, she said that the guy in front of me paid for my beverage. I suddenly realized I had no clue what this person's car even looked like because I was zombied out by the Bert show. I asked the girl and she said it was an Asian guy in a mustang. I decided I did not know this person and didn't see the car anymore so I drove off. As I was leaving the parking lot and entering a fairly major road in Tucker, I saw him! He was sitting in his car in the Starbuck's parking lot with his window down. I was already committed to pulling out onto the road so I just kept going. I didn't wave or smile. I just drove off! I immediately felt like a jerk. I mean, it was a nice gesture so I could have at least gone over and thanked the guy. It then dawned on me that I actually just had a drink bought for me from a stranger. That NEVER happened to me when I was single. Of course it was going to catch me of guard right? Needless to say, whatever his intentions were, I am telling myself that I was looking smoking hot with my wet hair pulled back, half my makeup on, and bags under my eyes. Wherever you are Starbucks guy, you rock.

In the world of Lila, we are moving into the next phase of babyhood. She turned SIX MONTHS on Friday. Before I know it she will be 16. Sorry, I had to be that cliche because I really feel like that's what is going to happen. We went to the new pediatrician which was a much better experience overall (thank you Marc and Sarah!). She had to wear a pirate patch for the lazy eye exam that I am desperately upset we did not get a picture of. There are times where laughing out loud at your child is so necessary and this was one of them! She doesn't know we are laughing at her yet so for once I do not feel mommy guilt about something. She passed the test and is basically the most normal child on the planet. She falls in the 75th percentile for weight at close to 17 pounds and I told Seth we need to fatten her up. He said, "we don't want her to be in the 100th percent for weight Jana....then she would be fat". Oh right. We then decided she fits right in with us. She is "upper middle class" fat like we are (Seth's words). She is attempting to sit on her own and is doing really well. She is eating rice cereal and as of yesterday sweet potatoes! I am making the baby food which is shockingly easy. At least it is right now. We will see when it comes to things like chicken.

Anyway, that's where we are right now. Seth leaves tomorrow for the annual Sweetwater "work" trip to Vegas. I am going to think about doing the things on my Monday list and probably not do them. However, I am hopefully going to get a video (or at least some pictures) up of Lila sometime this week. Have a great week everyone!


  1. So glad you liked the pediatrician -- did you see Dr. LeDuc or someone else?

    And you totally need to plan a trip with your girlfriends! Sweetwater takes way too many "work" trips :)

  2. Glad you are back to blogging, I enjoy reading! :)

  3. Girls weekends are a mother's saving grace. I try to go on at least one a year, and missed the trip for 2009. I don't feel complete with out it!

  4. I love the way you write! I just sit here laughing. I love you!

  5. а все таки: мне понравилось. а82ч


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