Friday, August 21, 2009

Other people's crap

I took the plunge and decided to brave what is considered to be one of the biggest consignment sales in Georgia today. My friend Holly swears by such sales and has basically told me I'm a moron if I buy clothes like the rest of the world at a store. I will say, there is something to be said for paying $2.50 for an outfit instead of $8-$15 due to the inevitable crapfest, barfing, and daily drooling that baby/toddler/little kid clothes endure. However, there is also something to be said for normal clothing racks that don't have duct tape on them and normal hangers that aren't intertwined with one another. I have never been a good rack shopper. This is no different. I did spend $65 for over 20 items which is a record in my book. I still have to wonder if it was worth it. I don't really love anything I bought. It looks like other people's crap to me. Sure it's cute in a faded and dilapidated sort of way. Yes it was way cheap. But the pickens were slim, the children were SCREAMING, and the mommies were borderline psycho. One even stood beside me just watching me until I moved down the rack. I mean if she was looking for a fight over the 6 month girls section of really worn out pajamas I made it clear I was not her girl. I was doing good to be awake, alert, and coherent. I'm not saying I won't hit up another sale if I can, but I was a bit disappointed.

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