Saturday, August 22, 2009

I take that back

I have to sort of recant my last post. I just took everything out of the bag that I bought to wash it and I got many more cute things than I guess I had realized. I think maybe taking Lila with me, her pooping up the car seat on the way home/sitting in traffic while she screamed because she was hungry tainted the whole experience I had with mega consignment sales. I really got A LOT for $ was totally worth it. Next time I will just make Seth go with me and I will go earlier in the sale....can you tell I regret dissing it? I will be going again when one comes along.


  1. Was it the one in Gwinnett? I felt the same way the first time I went. The next time, I sold some things in it so I could go early and found a TON of great deals. I don't really go much any more because as the kids start getting older, the clothes start looking not-so-cute because they're usually a lot more worn than baby clothes. Good luck getting Seth to go with you -- I don't think Marc ever went to one with me!

  2. I'll go with you the next time!


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