Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Waiting and sucking...

Yesterday was the big two month check up for Lila and while I wish I could say it was fun and happy like the first one, it just wasn't. Throw in a large number of sick kids in the waiting room (yes we were separated from them), a 45 minute wait due to this strange influx of sickness, and 4 shots to end the visit and you have a very unhappy family....

....while waiting Lila was the first to fade (no shock here):

....daddy was the next to fade (again, not a shocker):

....and mommy just got irritated (I know this shocks some of you, but it really did happen):

All of this just to hear my perfect little baby scream bloody murder and turn all shades of pink and red. Seriously, it broke my heart. I already have VERY mixed emotions about vaccines that I will not even begin to get into on this blog, but the sheer lack of pain management for an infant in most pediatric offices also bothers me. Next time I will be making a HUGE effort to manage it more for her. I realize she won't remember it. I know it probably bothers me more than her. I am aware that I can't protect her from everything. But I do believe in making every one's lives easier by being proactive is well worth it in the end. Had I known we were in for four shots in one visit I would have thought long and hard about how to make it at least a little bit better. Now I know!

Anyway, Lila weighed in at 12 pounds 3 ounces and 24 and a quarter inches long. So over a pound and an inch was gained in one month!

On to more interesting events in the world of Lila...

My brilliant two month old has now truly perfected the art of thumb sucking. I did not know this was even possible at such an early age. She loves her pacifier, but one night in the middle of the night I was awakened to the sound of what can only be described as obnoxiously loud kissing noises. I went in to find her dragging her fist back and forth over her face trying to somehow get a finger in. Her face was covered with slobber as well. I put the pacifier in her mouth and went back to bed. The next couple of nights was the same thing. Now, I feel like breaking a child of a passy has to be easier than breaking them of their own thumb. With a pacifier you can take it away, hide it, have a passy going away party, and so on. You can't very well tell your kid they are no longer allowed to stick their own thumb in their own mouth. You can't even create a party where they give it to a younger sibling, other relative, or friend. I am not too overly concerned about it, but I do feel like she is opting for the thumb more than the passy sometimes. She also doesn't understand that if you stick the thumb too far in you will gauge. What's really great is that as I sit here writing this, she just did this and barfed. Seriously? This is like a really bad lifetime movie (horrible to say...I know this). So I am trying to give her the passy every time the thumb search begins. But she has gotten so good at finding it now that she gets it in there before I have a chance to object! To take it even a step further, the pacifiers we have are the kind you get at the hospital where you can see into the part that goes in the mouth. It's like there's no back on it. So now, when I do get the passy in her mouth in time, she just sticks her thumb in the hole.....

Thumb sucking with the passy:

And thumb sucking without:

Part of me feels like this is really advanced and I should be proud and the other part of me feels like that is ridiculous and I should be stopping her. But really, if it puts her back to sleep at night without my help I selfishly want to say, "rock on with your thumb sucking self!".


  1. I totally understand where you are coming from with the vaccines and the thumb sucking. A got to the point where she couldn't keep the pacifier in her mouth herself and would cry for us to put it back in her mouth. Not fun in the middle of the night. SO when she started finding her thumb, we relented and let her suck it. Now when she wakes in the middle of the night (or a nap) she finds her thumb and rolls back over and goes to sleep.

  2. Yeah, my parents had ultrasound pics of me sucking my thumb before I was even born--and it didn't stop until MUCH later (I mean, not like high school, but it was awhile). It was definitely hard to convince me to quit! She's soooo precious! And I love that Seth fell asleep at the doctor's office!


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