Monday, July 27, 2009

Will we ever be as happy as the Baby Bjorn couple?

My husband is one of the most repetitive people on the planet. If you are ever around him for extended periods of time, you know this and you know it well. He gets a phrase in his repertoire of funny things to say and beats it to death to the point where you find yourself saying it. It's like an evil trap. I have now titled our St. Augustine trip picture album on Facebook the same title I have chosen for this post. He has sucked me in yet again.

We think that Lila had a great first trip to the beach. She slept 9 hours straight and has every night since Wednesday. I would say it was a very successful trip. The trip itself was pretty uneventful. We did a lot of playing dominoes, watching the Tour de France, and eating. We did much less laying on the beach than in past years. However, we know we are gearing up for next year when we won't get a relaxing moment due to chasing a one year old.

The ride home was more eventful than we would have liked. We have had a constant problem of leaky, nasty, runny poopy diapers. Lila has the kind of blowouts where you have to make sure you have backups for your backup outfits or she will go naked. For instance, when uncle Levi arrived at the beach and we were just about to order dinner at Joe's Crab Shack, Lila dropped a bomb on his lap. No seriously, there was poop all over him. Truly this happens a couple of times a week at least. So on the way home we were kind of waiting for it and not really sure what to do other than just deal when it happened. We tried to make one stop that would be over an hour so that she could have a break from the car seat. So we stopped at a Chili's to have dinner in Tifton. We get seated, we order, the food arrives and Lila starts crying (still in the car seat at this point). Seth goes to pull her out of the car seat and one lift up and the dripping poop prompted him to set her right back down. We kind of looked at each other like "seriously?". Seth, being the fabulous father/husband he is, grabs the car seat and heads to the car. I am sitting there stunned. This wasn't the best Chili's ever. It took forever to get drinks or even see a waitress so I was nervous to just leave our food and go help him. I called the waitress over and made her SWEAR she wouldn't let them trash our food because we would be right back. I headed outside and Seth had almost cleaned up the whole mess! He had even named the poop..."Pumpkin Pie Gone Awry" and decided that all of these explosions need names from here on out.

So we went back to the table and started eating and I began seeing spots. For me this is none other than a massive migraine coming on. I have had migraines for years at least once a year. Recently I feel like I have had them more often. I ate my dinner wondering how I was going to survive it. I know that sounds dramatic, but the only thing that stops a migraine for me is sleep. Dark, deep, silent, comatose kind of sleep. We got in the car and I immediately knew I was just going to have to suffer through it. You can't turn off the sun so that was strike number one. Lila's car seat was right behind my seat and we were packed to the gills everywhere else so laying back/down was not an option. Strike number two. Feeling like someone took a baseball bat to the right side of my face...strike three (sorry for the very bad metaphor). I finally sort of fall asleep with my hooter hider (breastfeeding cover to feed in public) covering my face. So when I wake up to Lila crying I am kind of in a fog. I feel better but not REALLY better. Better enough to get over it. Well, not to whine even further, but yesterday the headache remnants still lingered. Last night I went to bed and got ZERO sleep. I woke up with a fever, cold sweats, and still in a headache infused fog. I finally got some real sleep while taking a nap with Lila this morning. Thank God I have a child that loves to sleep. Since that nap I feel that I have come out the other side of this beast. If you have never had a migraine I am aware that this may sound insanely melodramatic to you. When/if you ever have one give me a call and tell me you are sorry for judging me.

Summer is coming to an end which I am not fully prepared to discuss right now. I hope everyone who reads this blog has been living it up at the pool, beach, or really just anywhere fun and summery. It will be over before you know it!

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