Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Seeing green...in more ways than one

Today I spent the entire day in my learning cottage happily working my little heart out in preparation for the day that is coming that we are not going to talk about. I came home and fell into a deep pit of envious despair. My strong feelings of accomplishment, satisfaction, and pride fell to the wayside as I perused Facebook and the blogs I check on a daily basis. PLEASE DON'T GET ME WRONG HERE. I love my life. I am one of the luckiest people around. I have a supportive, loving, hysterical husband. I have the most perfect, dreamy, lovable daughter. However, having a baby enlightens everyone to the things that may not happen to them for a long time that other people gush about on things like Facebook. Take for example sipping wine on a balcony in Italy (love you Kristin), or hiking the gorgeous coast of Maine (somewhere I would never have thought to just go, but Christine and Corey make it look like paradise), or reading about the random escapades of a girl in her early twenties (I don't know her, but her blog seriously makes me laugh out loud). There are just as many, if not many more, postings and blogs about things like a friend's little boy peeing on the floor and blaming it on the dog or gorgeous pregnant photos being shared. It just so happens that today the things that stood out to me had more of a carefree, seeing the world kind of vibe.

So here is the rundown of my day that was incredibly good aside from the above mentioned envious despair (dramatic - I'm aware). I woke up to the insanely happy, cooing, smiling almost 3 month old (AHAHAHA) who wakes up at 6:45 on the dot every morning now wide awake and ready to go (unlike her mama as her daddy so affectionately pointed out this morning). Then I went up to the learning cottage, did some major laminating, changed a blowout we will call "a present from the grinch" (I suck at naming these things - Seth is way better at it), hung out with my super helpful sister, then came home and started to ready the room my super helpful sister will be living in. I fell into the despair and now I am blogging about it so that those of you who read this and feel guilty sometimes about feeling jealous of others will feel better knowing that I feel that way too and have no problem calling myself out. Live vicariously on my friends.

**SIDE NOTE**I just realized that naming poo is now at the forefront of conversation in my house.


  1. Hi my dear!
    Susanne has an IKEA wardrobe thing-y (no not the technical term) that she will gladly give away when we move if that could provide your or Sarah with some more closet space (can't remember if I told you this last night or not). You can come check it out and tell me what you think!
    Love you!

  2. That will be you one day sipping wine in Italy while I'm just having my first baby!


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