Friday, June 5, 2009

Life as we know it...

So I am WAY behind on blogging. I have tried countless times I promise. I sit down, type a paragraph, save it, and then by the time I come back to it I want to say something else entirely. That is life as I know it with Lila. I'm sure that's just life with any baby! (PS - this post is dated June 5th and that is not right...that is the date I started writing it! It is actually June 23rd if that tells you anything).

Overall, adapting to parenthood has been interesting. Seth and I used to go to a movie about once a week and we were sad to come to the realization we would not be doing that much anymore. However, my good friend Christine introduced us to the drive in off Moreland and in true sophisticated redneck fashion, Lila's first official movie going experience was to see "The Hangover". As you can see she tried to sleep through it.

I am trying to do everything in my power not to sit in my house all day, so she and I have gone shopping, gone to visit both grandmother's at work, and we have gone to lunch with friends. She is a very good social butterfly.

In regards to just daily life, she really is an incredibly easy baby. She lets me sleep a lot, she's a good eater, and she doesn't get sick of staring at me. If she does, I'm sure she won't tell anyone.

Lila is going on six weeks old and she is growing like crazy to say the least. She's wearing all 3 month clothes and they are honestly hard to snap at times. She doesn't really fill them out but the length is where we struggle. This is yet another similarity between Lila and her dad. Clothes are never long enough.

She's "talking" which really just means sounding like a monkey. Sorry for the darkness of the video, but this is how she and I communicate...

So everyone seems to ask things like "is it all you thought it would be?" or "what has been the hardest part?". For me personally, breastfeeding is the best and hardest part. I refuse to be someone who never leaves the house because she has a child. However, I haven't conquered feeding in public (not sure I will), and when I tried feeding in the car it wasn't as smooth as I had hoped. Lila is a champion eater. She is done in 10 minutes usually. That doesn't remove the fact that I have to bare all every 2 1/2 to 3 hours all day, every day. Everything is planned around it. This is where Lila is like me. If it's feeding time she is ready on the dot. No questions asked. She is a creature of habit and any deviation throws her for a loop. I love that she needs me this much, but I would love to have more than one drink at dinner or really just go out to dinner and not feel guilty that I'm not feeding her. I love that Seth can give her a bottle at times, but then we get into pumping which I'm sure no one wants full details on. Let's just say, breastfeeding is much more of an art than anyone ever tells you. HOWEVER, I would not stop for the world. It's the best thing I can give her and I am so grateful and happy that I can.

The absolute best thing about my gorgeous baby is her extensive repertoire of facial expressions. I truly find myself laughing out loud and trying to capture the moment all at the same time. Here are some of the many faces of Lila so far:

I promise to blog more and to blog about other things too! I am determined to keep the usual ranting of this blog going...for instance....the refrigerator died on Friday only to magically begin working again an hour before Seth got home from being out of town. I threw out all of the food and yet I'm sure it appears that I am losing my mind. I am grateful that it came back to life and we don't have to buy a new one. BUT, I would appreciate from now on if the appliance gods could make something die while I am not home and Seth is.

I know this entry is getting very long but I just realized I haven't mentioned the dogs in a while or in relation to the newest member of our family. Woody is needier than ever and quite bitter. He has chewed up two pacifiers, a blanket, and a burp cloth. He has never chewed up any of our stuff so he is obviously retaliating. Molly, as predicted, just wants to lick the crap out of Lila. We are working on that and Molly is doing quite well with it all. The only problem is, her anti-barking-at-the-neighbors collar officially died and is too expensive to replace. Anybody know how to train a lab to not bark? While I think that's a ridiculous thing to do, my neighbors are whiny and irritating and I'd rather not listen to them as much as they would like to not hear Molly.

So yes, things are about the same aren't they? Just a little touch of love added to the mix.


  1. She is so adorable, Jana! And, yes, aren't there so many things you learn about flying by the seat of your pants that you wish someone had informed you of! FYI, have you heard of a Hooter Hider? Best thing ever for breast feeding. I didn't have one with Alexis, but did with Max and totally loved it!!!

  2. Thanks for the update. She is absolutely beautiful.


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