Wednesday, May 20, 2009


...Lila Jeanne Burrow :-)  

She is her father's daughter.  There are now countless pictures of our little munchkin that are the spitting image of Seth.  She also sleeps constantly and is very hard to wake up.  I would imagine these are just the beginning of a long run of similarities between the two people that are the center of my world.

I have to admit first and foremost that this experience of becoming a mother has truly run the gamut of emotions for me.  I know a lot about babies, kids, diapers, toys, etc.  You can nanny and teach and be surrounded by kids your entire life and nothing will ever prepare you for what comes with having your own.  I am scared.  I am tired.  I am overwhelmed.  I am overjoyed. I am paranoid.  But most of all, I am in love.  She's perfect.  Seth and I keep saying that to each other. In many cases I would think that sounds really vain.  But honestly, it's said in more of a surprised manner on our part.  Like, "how did we create something so perfect?". I think my biggest fear is that I will screw her up somehow.  

At a little over a week old, here is what we know about Lila:
1)  She has perfected the art of projectile pooping at the exact moment you open the diaper. Seth actually got a handful of poop yesterday morning.  She also tends to pee on the new diaper before you close it up.  Maybe she doesn't like feeling restricted so she holds it until she feels a draft.  Sneaky little thing.
2)  We know that newborns don't technically smile or grimace per say. HOWEVER, Lila's assortment of faces while sleeping are so varied and hysterical.  We have named this one "blue steel" and this picture doesn't really do it justice (see Zoolander if you have no idea where this came from).  More coming soon.

3)  She is completely fine with sleeping awkwardly, sleeping anywhere, and sleeping constantly. I realize this will probably change and I should thank my lucky stars right now.  Just understand, for those of you who have been asking to see pictures, that she has slept through most of her life up to this point.  That is why I took the following video (I am aware that it isn't the most exciting, but we had fun doing it!):

But just for good measure here is the real deal...

The nursery pictures are still coming.  Lila and I will be taking a trip to Ikea soon to make it more girly and then I will share!  


  1. Jana - I can't get over it! She's beautiful. I think I need another dose of lovely Lila soon!

  2. I love this post, Jana. Now you know how I felt when you were born and again when Sara was born. There's no love that compares to the love for your child. Lila IS perfect! So are you and Seth. Love her with all you have, and you'll be unable to "screw her up." Your heart will lead you, and it hasn't failed you so far! She's a lucky baby to have you for a mom and Seth for a dad. I love you all SO much!

  3. YAY Lila!!! :) What a cutie and she is so lucky to have you and Seth for parents! Your mom's post is so sweet, you are lucky to have such a great mom and Lila's lucky to have her too! ;)

  4. OK, we seriously need an update :)


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